How can a piece of glass be a piece of art?

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Can you believe bubbles made Toy Hall of Fame? It's mission accomplished for little green army men. The plastic pretend soldiers have been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame along with the 1980s stumper Rubik's Cube, and soap bubbles. The trio of toys takes its place alongside other classics including Bar... - Posted on November 12, 2014
YouTube tots pick top toys A snaggletooth 8-year-old. A middle schooler with a punk rocker bob cut and big earrings. Tween siblings with a penchant for playing. These are among the young power brokers who will determine the toys that will be under Christmas trees this year. At a time when toy s... - Posted on November 7, 2014
Daredevil walks on wire between two skyscrapers Nik Wallenda wowed Chicago and the world Sunday with two hair-raising skyscraper crossings on high wires without a safety net or a harness. He even performed one crossing blindfolded. "I feel incredible," Wallenda told reporters after completing the tightrope walks. R... - Posted on November 4, 2014
Nurse who survived Ebola gets her dog back A Dallas nurse who recovered from Ebola will soon be reunited with her dog. The King Charles Cavalier spaniel named Bentley is in quarantine at an abandoned Navy base in Dallas. His owner, Nina Pham, was diagnosed with Ebola earlier this month. She had contracted the ... - Posted on November 3, 2014
Would you attend a Hello Kitty convention? Marty Garrett and Salumeh Eslamieh gave up their garage for Hello Kitty. The married couple turned the garage of their San Francisco home into a showroom for their vast Hello Kitty collection. Museum-style glass cases hold hundreds of rare and vintage Kitty items. They inclu... - Posted on October 31, 2014
1797 navy ship tours Boston harbor again Old Ironsides is about to enter a three-year restoration project. Built in Boston and launched in October 1797, the USS Constitution or "Old Ironsides" is a ship that was commissioned by the U.S. Navy following the Revolutionary War. Its mission was to protect American merch... - Posted on October 24, 2014
Don't expect another winter like last one! If you thought last winter was a horror show, with cold blasts and a lack of California rain, there's some good news. A repeat is not expected this year. Mike Halpert of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says that the upcoming winter looks pretty average in... - Posted on October 23, 2014
Historian retells tale of rare Lincoln photo It's one of the most famous Abraham Lincoln photographs. That's because no one knew the picture of the president existed until nearly a century later when a 14-year-old boy found it. Now Ronald Rietveld, the boy who made the discovery, who is now a retired historian, will do... - Posted on October 8, 2014
Violinist wants kids to have music in their lives Seven years ago, the well known violinist Joshua Bell performed for tips in a Washington subway station. Almost no one stopped to listen. The underground performance was an experiment with The Washington Post. The newspaper wanted to see if commuters would notice some of the... - Posted on October 2, 2014
How can a piece of glass be a piece of art? A huge grin appears on the face of glass artist Jonathan Michael Davis. He is burning hole after hole through spheres of glass, making a popping sound. Davis is a glassblower by trade. He uses a sabre of flame made of liquid oxygen and propane to manipulate glass into elabor... - Posted on September 30, 2014