Baseball pitcher excels with only one hand

Film appears from before Amelia Earhart disappeared It was a clear spring day in 1937 when Amelia Earhart was ready to make history by flying around the world. She brought her personal photographer to a small Southern California airport to document the journey's beginning. Al Bresnik took dozens of still photos. They included... - Posted on June 12, 2015
Woman sets out to row across Pacific Ocean The best part of being on the ocean for weeks at a time, says Sonya Baumstein, is the stars. The worst? Being wet, all the time. Baumstein is an athlete from Orlando, Florida. She waited for weeks to set out in her custom-designed rowboat from Choshi. It is a Japanese port e... - Posted on June 11, 2015
She’s a pole vaulter, and she’s blind For three years, Charlotte Brown has been chasing a medal by trying to jump over a bar she couldn't see. The senior pole vaulter finally cleared that bar, earning a third-place finish at the Texas state high school championships. And proudly joining her on the podium as the ... - Posted on May 21, 2015
Iran plasters billboards with famous art In an unusual move by Tehran's mayor, hundreds of copies of famous artworks were plastered on some 1,500 billboards across the city. It transformed the Iranian capital into a gigantic, open-air exhibition. The 10-day project stirred both appreciation and criticism. But wheth... - Posted on May 19, 2015
Reading Harry Potter might make you a better person It’s been almost 20 years since Harry Potter was introduced to the world. And the boy wizard is still fighting the forces of evil. Of course, it's all in the imaginations of millions. But Harry’s victory over the evil Voldemort may not be limited to the pages of a book. This is... - Posted on May 15, 2015
Pilot leaves messages in the skies High above New Orleans, a small plane rolled in tight barrels. Behind it trailed smoke to create inspirational messages. They included smiley faces, peace signs, hearts and words like "jazz," "amen" and — in a true testament of flying ability — "transform." Over seven da... - Posted on May 12, 2015
Man provides tiny houses to homeless After Elvis Summers built a tiny house on wheels for a woman who had been sleeping on the streets, he launched a crowdfunding campaign on the internet. The idea was to get money to construct similar shelters for other homeless people in his South Los Angeles neighborhood. He... - Posted on May 12, 2015
Proms become platform for good deeds, social change Proms traditionally have been a night of glamour and romance, complete with backstage drama over dates and dresses. But prom culture is changing. Some teens now see prom as an opportunity to be inclusive rather than exclusive. They're using proms as vehicles for good deeds. And to ... - Posted on April 28, 2015
Group on mission to “save the soap” Shawn Seipler is on a mission to save lives with soap. It began about seven years ago as a tiny operation. A few friends and family met in a single car garage in Orlando, Florida, where they used meat grinders, potato peelers and cookers to recycle used soap into fresh bars.... - Posted on April 21, 2015
Baseball pitcher excels with only one hand Rick Robinson was settling into his new job as the college baseball coach at Tennessee-Martin. He was moving some things around his office. That's when he came across a few articles that had been written about the previous year's team. He made a somewhat startling discovery.... - Posted on March 30, 2015