Today's forecast: No frogs


Would you dash outside in -100? Scientists do! Feeling chilly? Here's cold comfort: You could be in East Antarctica which new data says set a record for "soul-crushing" cold. Try 135.8 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. Better yet, don't try... - Posted on December 10, 2013
Boy finds large leaf Tommy Lindsey is 4 years old. He lives in Mt. Vernon, Washington. Last week he found a giant maple leaf. The leaf is almost as big as he is. His brother, Cooper, thought it would be c... - Posted on November 5, 2013
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It took a crowd to drag a sea monster to shore Jasmine Santana was snorkeling when she saw something weird. It was a dead, 18-foot-long, silvery, serpent-like oarfish. It had eyes the size of half dollars. She said, "I have to drag this ... - Posted on October 16, 2013
Would you swim in a tank full of sharks? Some people are afraid of sharks. But that fear doesn't worry a zoo in Tacoma, Washington. The Defiance Zoo & Aquarium will give people a chance to swim with sharks. The sharks ar... - Posted on October 11, 2013
Do you want to win a trip into space? NBC is planning a contest show on TV. The grand prize is out of this world. It's a ride into space. NBC will work with Richard Branson. He owns a company called Virgin Galactic. The company ... - Posted on October 8, 2013
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He went up, but he came down too soon A man has tried to cross the ocean. His name is Jonathan Trappe. He is from North Carolina. He did not use a boat or a plane. Instead, he used 300 balloons filled with helium. But did... - Posted on September 15, 2013
Today's forecast: No frogs Something stange happened in Augusta, Georgia. Rain was recorded in a rain gauge, but no rain fell. So someone from the National Weather Service checked it out. He found no rain, but... - Posted on August 9, 2013