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News you can use

News you can use

Facebook ruined my life: It’s facebook’s fifth birthday this week. And while I love every status-updating, picture-tagging, friend-stalking pixel of it, I often wish it had never been invented. Facey-B was the first step in a downward spiral to my entire life being played out online in some form or other. And I’m exhausted.

- Posted on February 5, 2009

Men smell of cheese and women of onions: Little girls may be made of sugar and spice and all things nice, but their armpits smell of onions. Researchers in Switzerland hope to develop new ingredients for deodorants that fight the smells. Submitted by Rachel in Norfolk, Va. Thanks, Rachel!

- Posted on February 1, 2009

France to tax burgers, chips and fries: The cost of pizzas, hamburgers, sandwiches, candy and creamy coffees could soar as a result. Although it is Europe's second slimmest nation after Italy, more than one in three people in France are overweight or obese.

- Posted on January 29, 2009

School uniforms are not the answer: Parents need to step up and teach their children discipline, responsibility and respect at home to prepare them for school. It has nothing to do with what you wear.

- Posted on January 28, 2009

School kids need less work, more play: Researchers reported on Monday that a growing trend of curbing free time at school may lead to unruly classrooms and rob youngsters of needed exercise and an important chance to socialize. Submitted by Rachel in Norfolk, Va. Thanks, Rachel!

- Posted on January 26, 2009

Best burgers in America: Find out where to get the best burger in your city and see how the other cities and restaurants measured up. Bring your own napkin.

- Posted on January 23, 2009

New burger impossible to eat: With eight thick, unseeded slices of jalapeno, and very little else to soften the sting, this burger is more like a hazing than an item actually meant for human consumption.

- Posted on January 20, 2009

Should Students Be Paid for Good Grades? Experiments with cash incentives for students have been catching on in public-school districts across the country.

- Posted on January 14, 2009

Less sleep = more colds: People who sleep less than seven hours a night are three times as likely to catch a cold as their more well-rested friends.

- Posted on January 13, 2009

Makeup: Have Fun But Don't Overdo: They say mother knows best, but not all teen girls listen to mom, especially when it comes to wearing makeup.

- Posted on January 9, 2009