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Subway-Healthy Hero or Cholesterol Criminal?

Subway-Healthy Hero or Cholesterol Criminal?

People today say that for one of the healthiest meals around, you should go to Subway. But is Subway good for you? The authors of “Eat This, Not That” say that Subway’s tuna sandwiches contain a huge amount of fatty mayonnaise. Mayo is packed with cholesterol which causes atherosclerosis and intense weight increase. Research also shows that many people consumed more calories at Subway than they did at McDonalds. Experts speculate that people did this because they felt more freedom to eat fats and cholesterol, because they figured it would be less bad for them.
The famous Subway sandwiches are not the only unhealthy part of this savory sandwich shop. Many people who buy Subway products also buy a packet of chips as a side. However, these chips can be deep fried and salty, and large amounts of salt are capable of causing strokes and heart disease. Salt and sugar are never far apart from each other in restaurants, and Subway is no different. The fountain drinks that are served there can include huge amounts of caffeine, sugar, and the dreaded high fructose corn syrup (yuck). These sodas are tasty, and give you a temporary burst of energy, but they last for a very short amount of time, and within the next few hours you will need another blast of sugar. These sugars can increase a person’s weight, cause skin disease, and generally put your body in a horrible state.
In short, Subway sandwiches are delicious, but some are full of fatty poisons, and if you can, avoid the chips, and instead of soda buy some milk.

- Posted on June 2, 2010

I feel so bad right now. I eat at Subway all the time!!! Now I think I should stop eating at subway so frequently. I wish the yummy sandwiches weren't so full of carbs, and the sides and toppings could be a little less fatty.

Subway is unhealthy? I can agree with some of the reasons of getting the wrong condiments and ingredients on a sandwich. But you can be wise with getting anything on your sandwich. Milk is a good way to go too. Subway can be unhealthy and healthy in different ways.

Subway really i would have never thought subway had
a lot of calories.The drinks i new where bad for people but the sandwiches wow!We are lucky that some are bad for us.

Subway can be a healthy choice if you want it to be. There are healthy alternatatives to all of the meals. You can get milk or juice instead of soda. You can get a salad instead of a sandwhich. You can get baked chips instead of fried chips. You can get wheat bread or whole grain bread instead of white. You can put fresh vegtables on your sandwhich and you don't have to put "fatty mayonnaise" on your sandwhich. The unhealthy choices are great for people who have stable health conditions. The "unhealthy choices" are ok occasionally. I live off of Subway and I am as healthy as can be!

I totally agree! America does not have to live off junk food. Would it kill Mcdonalds to make something healthy? And of ocurse Subway isn't healthy. People think they are getting a good meal when they go to subway but they're really getting a carb and calorie loaded lunch! Why can't America healthy fast food resturaunt? Asking for a double cheesburger with bacon and tripple bread is basicly like asking for a heart attack to go! We need to stop obeessety.

Sorry to say this but I don't care how unhealthy one item is. I think every healthy restaurant should have some unhealthy foods too. It's hard to explain why but that's just what I personally think.