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Wine turns man into werewolf:

Wine turns man into werewolf: British doctor Ken Walker was stunned to hear he had been diagnosed with polyphyria - thought to be the condition behind such myths as werewolves and vampires - after he began sprouting facial hair and his nails and skin started working loose. The horrifying condition caused blistering on his fingers, the skin later peeling off. His condition was being caused by too much wine.

- Posted on January 23, 2009

Just goes to show you, not every werewolf looks like Jacob. I disagree with the myth thing however. Polyphyria may have contributed to the legend, but foreign animals never before seen and possibly even eyewitness accounts of bipedal canines made up most of it.

I don't know if that would be bad or really cool. Because you would be a werewolf. If i had this condition i would take full advantage of it. Basically i'd scare people and go around howl at people.Werewolfs are awesome!

FAKE! that has fake all over it. It is physically impossible to turn a man into a werewolf what will happen now the world will be invaded by werewolf's.

there is no way this could be real. you cant turn in to one just with wine. this is a myth and the only way you can turn into one is by a real werewolf. this story has FAKE written all over it.

I think that is crazy. How is that possible? I have never heard of someone drinking wine and then turning into a werewolf. This man must have drunk it almost all of the time and then had a reaction to it.

WOW.......that's really creepy and cool at the same time!!!! I haven't even heard of this kind of disease in my life! That's really scary first of all, but also pretty incredible that it was caused by too much wine. I wonder how much wine he was drinking to cause this because a lot of people drink a lot of wine, but I've never heard of anyone with this disease. Scary!!!!!


AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that was true I would drink wine just to be a werewolf, I mean you could do so many things as a werewolf. Soooooooo cool, werewolf power to the max! But still what happen to that British guy is kind of sad, not really but still. WEREWOLFS RULE!!!!!!!!!

This is probably a lie. I highly doubt the fact that a were wolf . THey should stop lying. I wouldn't believe a single word.

Um... So how does wine give you this condition? I mean, a lot of alcohol will give you a bad hangover, but it won't turn you into a werewolf. (Mrs.Gleeson, I'm doing this response for m missing assignment from 03/01/2012.)

I wish I was a werewolf!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd eat my sister first so i could have my own room. And I thought the disease for a werewolf was lycanthropy or something???