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Film appears from before Amelia Earhart disappeared
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Messages in a meteorites bring news from outer space
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Woman sets out to row across Pacific Ocean
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Wanna buy “The Flintstones” home?
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Fake orca flops as sea lion scarecrow
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When will the leaning tower of Pisa fall over?
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Moons “dance” around Pluto
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They’re called “wild animals” for a reason
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Tanzania is losing its elephants
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Baseball star snaps selfie with fan’s phone
NASCAR uses SpongeBob to reach kids On a muggy Saturday afternoon, two children dragged their parents through the garage area at Kansas Speedway. The kids were intent on catching up to a hero they had seen only on television. They weren't after star drivers Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson, though. They were seek... - Posted on May 14, 2015
Benno eats ammo An Arkansas veterinarian has kept a dog from going out with a bang after the animal ate 23 live rifle rounds. Benno is a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois. He had surgery to remove the .308 caliber ammunition from his stomach, The Baxter Bulletin newspaper reported. Owner L... - Posted on May 14, 2015
Rugged slopes keep extreme skiers stoked On a postcard spring Saturday in New Hampshire's White Mountains, a boisterous band of pilgrims some 2,000 strong is preparing for their own brand of funky and fearless worship. Alone and in groups, they leave Pinkham Notch and trek 3.1 miles up a narrow, mud- and snow-cover... - Posted on May 13, 2015
What's up with willpower and why don't I have it? You asked us, what's up with willpower and why don't I have it? I know it doesn't always feel like it, but we all actually have will power. Like a muscle though, it can be super strong or puny and weak. Here are a couple things that can boost or zap your sense of self-contr... - Posted on May 13, 2015
Pilot leaves messages in the skies High above New Orleans, a small plane rolled in tight barrels. Behind it trailed smoke to create inspirational messages. They included smiley faces, peace signs, hearts and words like "jazz," "amen" and — in a true testament of flying ability — "transform." Over seven da... - Posted on May 12, 2015
Man provides tiny houses to homeless After Elvis Summers built a tiny house on wheels for a woman who had been sleeping on the streets, he launched a crowdfunding campaign on the internet. The idea was to get money to construct similar shelters for other homeless people in his South Los Angeles neighborhood. He... - Posted on May 12, 2015
Hollywood wants to win over young “super fans” Clad in his pajamas, Reid Jones often blogs about Marvel superhero movies. He has ambitions of one day becoming an entertainment journalist. A few weeks ago, the 16-year-old woke up to that opportunity. He was invited to conduct red carpet interviews with the stars of Marvel... - Posted on May 11, 2015
See the world's oldest copy of the Ten Commandments The world's oldest complete copy of the Ten Commandments is going on rare display at Israel's leading museum. The exhibit traces civilization's most pivotal moments. The 2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scroll comes from a collection of the world's most ancient biblical manuscripts d... - Posted on May 11, 2015
Surf’s up! Crowds flock to California beaches Hundreds of spectators lined the beach and gasped, cheered and clapped as bodysurfers braved 15-foot waves at The Wedge. It's a Newport Beach, California break known for its powerful waves. The thrill of challenging the walls of churning water had lured bodysurfer Robin Mohr... - Posted on May 8, 2015
Student made comic book to explain complex chemistry Late last spring, a student worked late into the night. As she doodled, her chemistry thesis took on a life of its own, transforming into a comic book. Veronica Berns, 28, was working on her Ph. D. in chemistry at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Berns said she long s... - Posted on May 8, 2015
Lava lake explodes in Hawaii Molten lava, rocks and gas went flying through the air on Hawaii's Kilauea volcano after an explosion was caused by the partial collapse of a crater wall. The collapse triggered the small explosion, which spread lava and debris around the rim of Kilauea's Halemaumau Crater. T... - Posted on May 7, 2015
Britain gives world a real-life princess Britain's retailers might just be rejoicing as much as Kate and Wills about the birth of a new baby princess. Baby boutiques, clothing stores and fashion designers received a gift that will keep on giving when the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a girl. The infant comes w... - Posted on May 7, 2015
Spacecraft crashes into planet The only spacecraft ever to orbit Mercury has ended its four-year tour. It came to an end with a crash landing. NASA's Messenger plunged from orbit as planned. It slammed into the sun's closest planet at about 8,750 mph. The impact created a crater an estimated 52 feet acros... - Posted on May 6, 2015
Does stress turn your hair gray? You asked us, does stress turn your hair gray? Hair gets its color when two types of pigment called melanin combine. Different proportions create a variety of shades. We don't yet understand the mechanics behind it. But hair follicles – the 100,000 or so pits on our heads... - Posted on May 6, 2015
Save the guacamole! With the killers hiding in the trees, heat-sensing drones are launched into the air. When their whereabouts are narrowed, the dogs are sent in. When it comes to protecting the world's supply of guacamole, no weapon can be spared. On subtropical farmland in South Florida, res... - Posted on May 5, 2015
Obama pushes reading via new technologies Linking reading to technology, the White House has pulled together major book publishers. They will provide more than $250 million in free e-books to low-income students. Commitments are also being sought from local governments and schools across the country to ensure that every st... - Posted on May 5, 2015
Drones converge on California coast Surfers catching waves and mountain bikers pedaling through forests are used to the occasional low flying pelican or diving hawk. But these days, outdoor recreationists may find what's up in the air isn't a bird at all. It's a drone. Last week top drone-makers, along with in... - Posted on May 4, 2015
Texan named Teacher of the Year A high school English teacher in Texas has been named the 2015 National Teacher of the Year. She works with students facing poverty and traumas related to their immigration to the United States. Shanna Peeples from Amarillo was selected for the honor by the Council of Chief ... - Posted on May 4, 2015
Can fluoride be too much of a good thing? The government is lowering the recommended amount of fluoride in drinking water. That's because some kids are getting too much. It is causing white splotches on their teeth. It's the first change since the government urged cities to add fluoride to water supplies to prevent ... - Posted on May 1, 2015
Countries worldwide respond to Nepal earthquake In the days after a crushing earthquake hit the country of Nepal on April 25, there is still time to save lives. Many governments and aid agencies are sending doctors, volunteers and equipment. They aren't waiting for the dust to settle. The estimates are that thousands of people ... - Posted on May 1, 2015