“Friend-less” boy joins pro hockey team A Michigan boy who said he didn't want an 11th birthday party — because he had no friends — is getting a new gig. Professional hockey player. Colin and his family were surprised by players and coaches of the Kalamazoo Wings at a restaurant this week. "I wa... - Posted on March 21, 2014
Students “protest” elimination of spring break When Northampton Community College canceled spring break to make up for excessive snow days, students decided to protest — by wearing flip-flops, bathing suits and tank tops to class. Not to mention plastic leis. The imaginary beach day drew sympathy, not scorn, from winte... - Posted on March 21, 2014
Middle school students have a robot in their class A girl in Danville, Pennsylvania is recovering at home from a spinal operation. But she isn't missing any school. Instead, she is keeping up with her peers by using a remote-controlled robot. The robot was invented by Double Robotics, of Seattle. It was bought by the Central... - Posted on March 19, 2014
Do we still need handwriting? If most writing is done on keyboards, do we need to learn handwriting? At least one state has plans to make it the law. South Carolina wants to require schools to teach students how to write in cursive by fifth grade. The main sponsor, Rep. Dwight Loftis, contends stu... - Posted on March 19, 2014
Wanna win a billion? Pick a perfect bracket. So, about that billion dollars. Billionaire Warren Buffett has offered to pay $1 billion to anyone who fills out a perfect NCAA tournament bracket. But he sees his offer as nothing more than a matter of having the numbers in his favor. Mathematicians say he's right. B... - Posted on March 19, 2014
Cat rescued after 3 days atop a 60-foot pole A cat has been rescued near Las Cruces, New Mexico. She had been stranded atop a 60-foot power pole for three days. She survived a rainstorm and gusty winds while atop the pole. The cat is a tabby-mix named Athena. The cat belongs to a 16-year-old girl. "If she touche... - Posted on March 19, 2014
Easter Egg hunt? There's an app for that! New York City is getting ready for an old-fashioned Easter egg hunt. But this hunt will have a 21st-century twist. You'll need a smartphone app to find the eggs. Nearly 275 egg sculptures will be hidden around the city as part of The Faberge Big Egg Hunt. The eggs are about ... - Posted on March 19, 2014
Would you pay $250,000 for a guitar? George Gruhn's guitar shop in Nashville is a kind of mecca for fine, vintage musical instruments. But even Gruhn is blown away by the latest addition to his inventory. He says it's the very first production model Fender Stratocaster ever made. You can own it for a cool quart... - Posted on March 19, 2014
Wrestler shows classy moves – on and off the mat A Minnesota high school wrestler won over the crowd with a hug that came away from the mat — and after a loss. He didn't get upset when he lost the 120-pound title match in the Class 3A tournament. Instead, Blaine High School sophomore Malik Stewart went over to his oppone... - Posted on March 16, 2014
New coin throws currency a curve The United States Mint in San Francisco will soon produce an unusual coin. The coin will honor the national pastime – baseball. Like so many great baseball pitchers, the new coin will feature a curve. The bowl-shaped currency is the result of a 2012 law. The law is... - Posted on March 16, 2014
Family getting help for “bad” cat Last week, a cat trapped its owners in their bedroom. But the family is not giving up on their 22-pound pet. Instead, they are getting it medical attention and therapy. Two days before, police arrived to subdue the 4-year-old part-Himalayan cat. Now owner Lee Palmer o... - Posted on March 14, 2014