Cupcake-baking 6th grader is back in business An Illinois sixth-grade girl has a home-based cupcake business. But Chloe Stirling's business was stopped because she was not following state law. Madison County health officials shut down the girl's $200-a-month operation last month. They said her kitchen didn't have necessary pe... - Posted on March 4, 2014
It's OK to be annoying in Michigan It's soon expected to be OK to be annoying in Grand Rapids. The Grand Rapids Press reports the City Commission is nixing a 38-year-old section of city code. The code states "no person shall willfully annoy another person." City Attorney Catherine Mish recommended rep... - Posted on March 4, 2014
Farmer creates 50-foot snowman A farmer in central Minnesota has created a towering tribute to winter's excess. Greg Novak says he's invested hundreds of hours to build a 50-foot snowman named "Granddaddy." He hopes it will wake onlookers from their winter doldrums. And he admits it has some neighbors que... - Posted on March 4, 2014
French zoo shows off rare lion cubs Three Asiatic lion cubs are on display for the first time. They appeared at a zoo in eastern France. These new cubs raise slim hopes for one of the world's rarest species. There are about 300 Asiatic lions in the wild. All of them are in an animal reserve. The animal reserve... - Posted on March 3, 2014
Jimmy Fallon takes Polar Plunge in suit and tie Comedian Jimmy Fallon took a quick but icy dip in Chicago's Lake Michigan Sunday. He was dressed in a full suit and tie. Then he screamed and darted out quickly with a shocked expression on his face. "The Tonight Show" host made good on his promise to join Mayor Rahm Emanuel... - Posted on March 2, 2014
Teen studies her own cancer First the teenager survived a rare cancer. Then she wanted to study it, spurring a study that helped scientists find a weird gene flaw that might play a role in how the tumor strikes. Age 18 is pretty young to be listed as an author of a study in the prestigious journal Scie... - Posted on March 2, 2014
Reindeer get glowing antlers, but no red noses The country of Finland wants to reduce the number of car accidents at night. The accidents are caused by roaming caribou. So Rudolph the reindeer is getting a glittering antler makeover. But reindeer are not getting red noses. Instead, they are getting fluorescent antlers.... - Posted on March 2, 2014
Teen skates with no legs Brody Roybal was born without legs. But that didn't stop him from trying any number of sports at an early age. His mom remembers thinking he looked like the Peanuts character Pigpen when he'd hit a baseball and kick up dust when using his arms to swing. So baseball w... - Posted on February 27, 2014
She's paying for college with bottles and cans Stephanie Lilly is helping to pay for her college education one bottle and can at a time. In the past four years, the Oregon State University senior from Harrisburg has redeemed enough bottles and cans to pay for a hefty share of her college expenses. Lilly figures th... - Posted on February 26, 2014
Newest Milwaukee Brewer has four legs Spring training has begun for major league baseball. The most popular member of the Milwaukee Brewers training camp is unexpected. He has a button nose, four legs and scruffy, white fur. "Hank the Dog" is an early lock for camp MVP — Most Valuable Pet. The po... - Posted on February 26, 2014
How'd that happen? Spelling bee runs out of words Talk about being “at a loss for words!” Two Missouri students went toe-to-toe for 66 rounds in the annual Jackson County spelling bee. But they couldn't finish because event organizers ran out of words for the contest. The Kansas City Star reports 25 students sta... - Posted on February 23, 2014