Would you ride your bike in the snow? You've probably seen one in a bike shop or in a bike rack. You may have wondered, "What is that?" They're known as "fat bikes," rather than "fat tire" bikes. "Fat tire" was an early nickname for all mountain bikes. Fat bikes have oversized balloon tires. The tires are... - Posted on February 16, 2014
Two-headed turtle turns heads A new exhibit at Zoosiana has plenty of visitors asking questions. The zoo, formerly the Zoo of Acadiana in Broussard, Louisiana, welcomed a two-headed animal recently. It is named Michael and Angelo after Michelangelo of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." Zookeeper ... - Posted on February 16, 2014
Would you eat pizza that was 3 years old? What's the holy grail of ready-to-eat meals for soldiers? A pizza that can stay on the shelf for as long as three years and still remain good to eat. Soldiers have been asking for pizza since 1981. That's when lightweight individual field rations replaced canned food. ... - Posted on February 16, 2014
Rare white alligators travel from Florida to France Two incredibly rare albino alligators have arrived at their new home. “Albino” means having no color. That's why the alligators appear to be white. Their new home is a Paris aquarium. They were purchased from a reptile collector in Florida. The snappy new ... - Posted on February 13, 2014
Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun dun. Snow shark! Too cold for fishing? Not for Michigan! The winter-weary state has a giant shark sculpted out of snow. It features a bright red gaping mouth and pointy teeth. It is large enough for a human to take a seat inside. It appears as if it's swimming in a wave that runs the length... - Posted on February 13, 2014
Are NYC’s horse-drawn carriages unfair to horses? Time may be running out for the iconic horse carriages that carry tourists around Central Park. Mayor Bill de Blasio already has declared his intention to shut down the industry. He says it is inhumane to keep horses in modern-day Manhattan. While that debate could be over, ... - Posted on February 13, 2014
Kids, don't try this at home! An Easthampton middle school student, in a scene straight out of the movie "A Christmas Story" got their tongue stuck to a metal pole. Fire Chief David Mottor says firefighters responded to White Brook Middle School at about 8 a.m. Wednesday, when temperatures were well belo... - Posted on February 12, 2014
Is this the best dog in America? Sky the wire fox terrier became America's top dog Tuesday night, winning best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club. The No. 1 show dog in the country last year, Sky went wire to wire. She beat out a standard poodle, a Portuguese water dog, bloodhound, an Irish water... - Posted on February 12, 2014
Snowboarders say halfpipe is half-baked Olympic halfpipe practice was postponed Monday. Workers will correct a pipe that has brought complaints from many riders. Shaun White is going for his third straight gold medal on halfpipe Tuesday. White, American Danny Davis and others have said the halfpipe is too ... - Posted on February 10, 2014
It's go-go for Lolo at O-lympics American bobsledder Lolo Jones has gotten ill at the Sochi Olympics, but she's doing well now. Lolo is a two-time hurdler in the Summer Olympics. She is expected to race in the Winter Olympics for the United States. Jones tweeted Monday that she was in a "quarantine room" in... - Posted on February 10, 2014
9-year-old Beagle named Uno is still number 1 More than 2,800 dogs are in the Big Apple this week. All are competing to be chosen Westminster Kennel Club's best in show. Yet no matter who wins at Madison Square Garden, chances are they'll never make as much noise as Uno. "Uno is easily the most popular Westminster winne... - Posted on February 10, 2014