Are 29 snakes 28 too many?

Are 29 snakes 28 too many?
A man in Utah keeps snakes at his house. Some of the snakes are 7 feet long.

Someone who lives near him does not want him to keep snakes at his house.

Should the man be able to keep his snakes?

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- Posted on May 7, 2013
Are 29 snakes 28 too many?
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where at the mans house
when may 7 2013
why because he wanted to
how he bought them
who a man in utah
what had a bunch of snakes

I saw the picter of the man that put a SNACK on the little boy

This article is about a man and how he keeps snakes at his house. They say that someone who lives near him does not like him keeping snakes at his house. I cant believe that the guy has snakes in his house. Are any of the snakes poisonous?

safe your son i think the titel should be thats a hole lot of snaks for a lettil guy like him wath kind of snakes are they

I think it would be fine to keep 1 or 2 snake's but not 29 that would be crazy.

He should just keep one, 29 snakes is too much and its dangerous keeping them around at home but if he really loves snakes then i guess he has the right to keep them.

I personally think that the man should be able to have the snakes in his house,as long as he takes proper care of them and makes sure that they don't escape. he should be able to keep the snakes in his house because it is his house , and he should be able to do what he would like to do in his house. Also other people shouldn't be able to tell him what he can and can't do in his own house.And if its something he loves to do as a hobby he should be able to do it.

he should keep the snakes they are his property just like if you owned a dog and the nabor would not let you have it its the same concept

I think he should keep the snakes, he has a right to. I love snakes, and apparently, the little boy and his dad does, too.

Well. i don't like snakes, and i would be mad like, i mean MAD!!! if my dad came home with 29 snakes. But i think that if the kid is happy and he is happy then that is fine. on the other hand who cares what the nabor thinks she doesn't live with them, they don't crawl around here.