Gaby Douglas is back in gym

Gaby Douglas is back in gym
Gaby Douglas is back in gym. She wants to be a better gymnast.

She won medals at the Olympics in 2012. She wants to win more medals at the next in Olympics in 2016.

She must practice if she wants to win again.

What do you practice doing?

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- Posted on May 26, 2013
Gabby Douglas is back in the gym
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Gabby Douglas is back in the gym. She wants to train to be better for the Olympics of 2016 so she can go home with the gold medal for the third time. But Gabby is the best gymnast to me.

Gabby you are really good why want to be better? You are the best in the world to me. I have one question how do you do that stuff on the gymnastic bar?

Gaby Douglas is my favorite gymnast. She is amazing at gymnastics.

I love gymnastics! I have won 2 medals but it got hard and I quit you in inspires a lot I love you . I talk about you a lot see you by-by-by you will love this .

she is an extrordinary gymnast. hopefully she wins the gold medal agagin in the next olympics! and it is great that she keeps on practicing

i practice playing basketball i think a gymnast is really cool to it is really cool to do super athletic things like Gaby Douglas i wish to do things like that to

I used to be in gymnastics and really enjoyed it. I love to watch her do her routines, she is very talented, which is why she rocked at the Olympics. I think her best event is the uneven bars, boy does she fly.

Hi my name is Mia! i'm a gymnast to .what do you do in your free time ?

WOW!!! I would love to do that and go to the Olympics that would be so cool

gaby wan evry game. she wants to be a better gymnast to win this year. sh is warking hardest befor then ever.She won medals at the Olympics in 2012 and in 2016 to.