Lots of bugs are coming!

– AP photos
Lots of bugs are coming!
If you live on the East Coast, you will see many bugs. The bugs will show up a few days.

You may hear them, too.

The bugs are called cicadas. They have red eyes.

They sleep under the ground for many years. Then they wake up and make lots of noise!

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- Posted on May 7, 2013
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Should I run for my life? If I need to I will.

Hi they look very creepy i will have night mares tonlight

I used to live in the east coast and i lived in Virginia and the cicadas used to chase me and I started crying. They're really creepy bugs trust me. Their creepy!!!!! But now I live in California where there are black widows.

I remember seeing these bugs all of the time. I also remember hearing them when I am trying to sleep at night. They are loud bugs!

forget about noise i have night mares. there so bothering i just want to chop down my tree

EW! I hate bugs! they make me very very very scared

I don't mind bugs, unless they are bothering me. I would hate to be living on the East Coast and having to wake up to cicadas making noise everyday.

Like locust they make a lot of noise too. It can be scary at first but after awhile it isn't as scary.BUt still they can demolish crops.

Ew I hate bugs. I think bugs are disgusting. But I have never heard of these types of bugs which also make interested in them. I wonder what types of noises they make? Hopefully I don't run into them at night because I need my beauty sleep.

i wounder why the cicadas have wings when they sleep under ground for many years. i aso wounder why they make a lot of noise when they wake up.