Man rides bike with cat

Man rides bike with cat
A man rides his bike with a cat on his back.

The cat is named “Mary Jane.” He calls the cat “MJ.”

He says MJ likes to feel the wind blow in MJ’s ears.

Why does he call the cat MJ?

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- Posted on May 26, 2013
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He calls the cat MJ because his name is Mary Jane. that is funny that he rides his bike with a cat on his back. It is surprising that the cat doesnt fall off

The cat's cute but I wouldn't ride it on my back while I'm riding my back

That is so crazy I could not do it like you

That's so cool! If I had a cat I would do that but I would think the cat would jump out. I have seen that kind of thing at the beach but the cat had a harness.

that's cool I think it would be fun to have your cat on bike rides with you. Now I want to do that with a cat I think it would be fun.

i think that it is cool that his cat rides his bike with him because my cat would jump off really fast if i tried to do that but i am also wondering how the cat says balanced