Penguins are cool

Penguins are cool
Florida has penquins. 250 penguins, to be exact.

The penguins live at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.

Visitors enter an area cooled to 30 degrees. That is freezing cold!

It may be hot outside in Florida, but you must chill out to see the penguins.

Have you ever seen a penguin in real life?

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- Posted on May 25, 2013
Penguins are the coolest thing in Florida
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This article is about penguins and how they live In Florida. I never thought that penguins lived in Florida because it is so hot but it says that they have area that is cooled to 30 degrees so the penguins can live there.

You have lots of cool facts in this articles.I like penguin too but you gave me some facts that I did not know.Thank you for the facts. bye.

Wow! I can't believe people would go in an area that's 30 degrease just to see penguins! I think it would be miraculous to see a penguin, but in 30 degrees degrease whether? That's freezing!

Yeah at Sea world! Of course I've seen a penguin they are cool.

No I have never seen penquins befor but I bet there really cool. :)

That is a lot of a penguins.How can they live that way at 30 degrees?But Florida is hot place to live.Why are there penguins there?

When I read the title, I thought that there was some species of penguins that migrated to Florida. I guess I shouldn't judge an article by its title. After reading it though, it is a pretty interesting thing. Penguins are one of my favorite animals and I've only ever seen them in person once. It would be amazing to see them in the wild. It's amazing what they can do with technology and how the exhibit revolves around the life of a fictional baby penguin.

I think that it is cool how zoos can imitate nautures habitats. I thimk that the penguins will really like living in that zoo.

Thats crazy that Florida has Penguins! I wuld have never ever thought that there would me penguins in such a hot state!!!!!!!!

Yes, I have seen penguins a the Sea World in San Diego. That is one of my favorite exhibits. I think penguins are the coolest animals.