See polar bear cubs at zoo

See polar bear cubs at zoo
Now you can see twin polar bear cubs. Just visit the zoo in Toledo, Ohio.

The cubs were born in November.

Their names are Suka and Sakari. The names were picked in a contest.

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- Posted on May 7, 2013
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Oh my gosh polar bears are my most favorite animal in the world. Hopefully I can go and see them one day. I hope that they stay happy and healthy.

The twin cubs are named Suka and Sakari in the zoo.They were picked in a contest.The cubs are in the zoo that is in Toledo,Ohio.

so adorable I wish I had 2 baby polar bears in my back yard.

I love there names!I think polar bearsare adorable.I like the fact thatthey have the names Suka and Sakari.I like polar baers so muchi might want togo see them at the zoo.

i think they look so cute. And i want to see them because i bet they are really cool,and i also think that their names are cool too, they fit them perfectly.

I would be so excited if I got to see a polar bear at the zoo. I would have named them differently because those names are kind of hard to pronounce!

I love polar bears, they are some of my favorite animals! I've seen them at the zoo before, and hopefully I get the chance to see them again!

SO cute a couple years ago there were cubs at the san diego zoo. They were very cute. At first the were wobbly on their feet but they soon got the hang of it

my favorite bear is a polor bear because it has nice white thick fure. i wounder if they can stand 50 deggree wheather.

I think it's cool when the Zoo gets the community involved with the animals by allowing them the chance to name the animals.