Tiger had giant hairball

Tiger had giant hairball
A 400-pound tiger had a 4-pound hairball.

Cats of all sizes clean their fur with their tongues. Sometimes the fur gets inside them, so they get hairballs.

Animal doctors removed the giant hairball. The tiger is OK now.

The tiger is named “Ty.” Can you guess why?

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- Posted on May 26, 2013
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OMG that is a giant hairball! it looks really disgusting! But he's cute!

I think his name is Ty because he is a tiger!

That is one big hair ball!!! It looks like a chicken leg. A monster chicken leg! I feel bad for the tiger he must have had a really painful stomach ache.:( At least he is okay now.

Can u believe that. That is amazing . So does he way 4 pounds lighter?

It is amazing that a tiger could have a 4-pound hairball! Wow!

That is insane a hair ball that big, 4 pounds, and they had to do a surgery to get it out! I would hate to have that in me, I wonder how they even knew it was in there.

That cat had the biggest hair ball ever and I can't believe it was four pounds I was thinking that it would be even bigger considering he is a four hundred pound tiger and he is not a house pet that would stay in that kind of environment.

A pound hair ball! Thats is insane but then again this is a 400 pound tiger but still that is still crazy to get a 4 pound har ball removed!

this article is about a 400 pound tiger that had a 4 pound hairball and had to go to the hospital to get it removed so that it would not choke and die. this article is scary because tigers are always cleaning themselves with heir tongues and so are cats so its weird to think that this doesn't happen to more cats and tigers because when they are licking themselves the fur can get inside them which causes hairballs.

I am so glad that they got the hair ball out of the tiger. I would be so sad if the tiger died because of the hair ball. I really would like to know how none of the hair was digested. I am still confuzed why they named the tiger Ty. I think that it would be so cool to go and meet a tiger someday and be able to pet the tiger. I am so happy that the animal docters were able to take the hairball out of Ty. I am very happy that Ty is healthy again and is still living.