Lots of bugs are coming!

Grade 1
Would you ride this thing? There's a new way to get around. It's called a “Quadracycle.” It’s called a quadracycle because “quad” means “four” and “bi” means “two.” It's like a bicycle, but with ... - Posted on October 8, 2013
Why did the turtle cross the road? A giant turtle was missing. His name is Zip. He weighs 50 pounds. His was found on a road. A driver saw him and called 911. “From far away, I thought it was a bag of trash in the mi... - Posted on September 25, 2013
What did you do on Labor Day? She swam 110 miles. A woman swam from Havana, Cuba to Florida. That's almost 110 miles. Her name is Diana Nyad. She is 64 years old. She was in the water for two days. She made her first try at swimming... - Posted on September 4, 2013
Baby elephant is a big hit A zoo in Texas has a new baby elephant. The zoo is in the city of Ft. Worth. The baby elephant is a big hit. How could it not be? Baby elephants are big! Her name is Belle. She weighe... - Posted on August 9, 2013
Lots of bugs are coming! If you live on the East Coast, you will see many bugs. The bugs will show up a few days. You may hear them, too. The bugs are called cicadas. They have red eyes. They sleep u... - Posted on May 7, 2013