Man rides bike with cat

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Animal shelter has a “Meatball” of a cat An animal shelter just got a very large cat. The shelter is in Arizona. The cat weighs 36 pounds. His name is "Meatball." He is temporarily staying in an office at the shelter. The sh... - Posted on January 30, 2014
Baby dolphin joins Seaworld Seaworld in San Diego has a newborn dolphin. San Diego is in California. A baby dolphin is called a "calf." The calf was born Tuesday. It weighed 40 pounds. The calf's mother is 30 ye... - Posted on November 13, 2013
Boy finds large leaf Tommy Lindsey is 4 years old. He lives in Mt. Vernon, Washington. Last week he found a giant maple leaf. The leaf is almost as big as he is. His brother, Cooper, thought it would be c... - Posted on November 5, 2013
Seal pup is healthy again A sick seal pup was found last May. He was rescued from Drakes Island Beach in Wells, Maine. His name is Hubble. For months experts have helped Hubble get better. He was cared for at ... - Posted on October 27, 2013
Zoo has new baby giraffe A zoo in New Jersey has a new giraffe. The zoo is in Cape May County. The giraffe was born this summer. The giraffe stands 6 feet tall. It weighs 160 pounds. Giraffes grow fast. The b... - Posted on September 27, 2013
Crowd gathers to see giant rubber duck Thousands of people crowded a harbor in Taiwan. Taiwan is a small country in Asia. Asia is continent that is very far from America. The people came to see a giant floating yellow rubber duck... - Posted on September 22, 2013
He went up, but he came down too soon A man has tried to cross the ocean. His name is Jonathan Trappe. He is from North Carolina. He did not use a boat or a plane. Instead, he used 300 balloons filled with helium. But did... - Posted on September 15, 2013
She has a really long name! There is a lady with a really long name. She lives in Hawaii. Her name is Janice Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele. This is how you say her name: KAY'-ee-hah-nah-EE'-coo-COW'-ah-KAH'-hee-H... - Posted on September 15, 2013
Who's that sliding on my slide? Guess what a woman found in her backyard? A family of bears! But her backyard is not near a forest or a zoo. Her house is in Roxbury, New Jersey. See sees bears sometimes, but not of... - Posted on September 8, 2013
Dog gets stuck in tree A dog spent a weekend in a tree. The dog's name is "Laddy." He is a border collie. No one knows why the dog went up the tree. His owners could not find him. They did not know where he was. T... - Posted on August 20, 2013
10-year-old finds $10,000 A 10-year-old boy found $10,000. His name is Tyler Schaefer. He found it in a drawer at a Kansas City hotel. He was staying at the hotel with with his dad. They turned the money over to poli... - Posted on August 10, 2013
Man walks across Grand Canyon A man has walked across the Grand Canyon. He did not walk on the ground. Instead, we walked on a wire. The wire was stretched from one side of the canyon to the other. The wire was 1... - Posted on June 28, 2013
Gaby Douglas is back in gym Gaby Douglas is back in gym. She wants to be a better gymnast. She won medals at the Olympics in 2012. She wants to win more medals at the next in Olympics in 2016. She must practice ... - Posted on May 26, 2013
Man rides bike with cat A man rides his bike with a cat on his back. The cat is named “Mary Jane.” He calls the cat “MJ.” He says MJ likes to feel the wind blow in MJ’s ears. Why does he ca... - Posted on May 26, 2013