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Dirt Bikes Or Four-Wheelers

Dirt Bikes Or Four-Wheelers

Dirt bikes or four-wheelers? That's a popular question, and I have some facts to help you decide. There are many reasons why one might think that a dirt bike is better than a four- wheeler. One argument for the four-wheelers is that four-wheelers are safer, but they cost more. Also most four-wheelers go faster than dirt bikes, and there are more styles of four-wheeler. Plus dirt bikes are harder to ride because four-wheelers balance easily. Plus most four-wheeler maintenance is easier than dirt bikes maintenance. Also dirt bikes are more known to break down. Four-wheelers can pull most heavy object such as a truck if it gets stuck in the mud, and it can hold more people if it is ever needed.
Now some information about dirt bikes. They cost less, and usually on maintenance less parts will need replace. Also dirt bikes are my favorite because you get to be out in the open more. Also I like challenges and one of them is getting the dirt bike going for when you're stopped. But most of the brands will work for both of the vehicles. So what do you choose dirt bikes or four-wheelers?

- Posted on April 29, 2011

I would pick both if I could. Because there both cool and really fast. Also riding a dirt bike is like riding a bike but harder and faster and heavier. And riding a four wheeler is like riding a car except the steering wheel. I love them both! :D

i think that they are both great machines but dirt bikes just have an edge on quads. theyer faster easyer to control and theyre easyer to jump.

Your right four-wheelers are a lot safer and easier to handle but a dirt bike has a lot more tork. Especially the 2-strokes. Also your saying four-wheelers dont break down as easy. Have you ever thought about the racing quads? Plus the parts for the quads are a ton of money. There are also a lot of different dirt bikes, yamaha YZs, kawasaki KX/KLXs, Honda CR/CRF. There are a lot. You say dirt bikes have lots of problems but the trail bikes dont break down as much as the racing bikes. Thats beacause the racing bikes are always being wrenched on. I still think dirt bikes are better.

Dude! 4 wheelers have way more power like a dirtbike 300 or 400 and a raptor 700 or 719! I love them both, but 4 wheelers can go through more stuff then dirtbikes can. In winter where i go riding, it has lots for 4 wheelers and only like 10 dirtbikes out there. 4 wheelers are much faster and all that, but dirtbikes are less money. The 4 wheelers are a lot of money, but hey, you're not wasting your money and you can blow with 4 weelers and dirtbikes can't!

That is all wrong. Dirt bikes are way faster and have more control. If a 4 wheeler flips on you your crushed but if a dirt bike lands on you it wont be as bad. If is way harder to back flip a 4 wheeler than a dirt bike. So dirt bikes are way better.