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Martin's mill junior high leads first in district at basketball.

Martin's mill junior high leads first in district at basketball.

As Martin's Mill boys beat Neches Tuesday, they won first in district. Martin's Mill junior maroon team came in first at district, and Martin's Mill's white team lead first in district going undefeated. Now isn't Martin's Mill Junior High burning up the road. They are beast at basketball.

- Posted on October 14, 2010

The girls team is beast!!!! Especially #12 (-: WE DID AWESOME IN THAT TOURNAMENT!!!! GO MUSTANGS!!!!!! The boys are alright i guess!!! Just kidding yall are awesome to!!

That is a beastly team to get 1st in district. Whoever Cody is he doesn't sound very talented. More like July. Let's go white team.

All teams are awesome! Well especially the girls! Martin's Mill is beast at everything they do! Like: Basketball! A lot of people play, and work hard!
P.S. Even the fans are awesome. (Sarah)
P.S. #32 is a beast!

yeh the girls are beasts we rock!!
We only lost 3 and got first in the big sandy tournament and second in the neches tournament

Go Mustang Girls!!!

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Martin's Mill is beast! Especially that number 12!We had a tough game at Neches, but we pulled out a victory to win district.


What a team that is beast. they are leading first in the district now how awsome is that. This must be grop of very talented and beast guys well especially one named Cody.