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This Stunning Dragon Dance Was All for the Sake of Tea
The dragon dance is one of China’s most beautiful lunar New Year traditions. Read this Smithsonian article to see and read how people in one village used the dragon dance to pray for a good tea harvest in the new year.
14 Fun Facts About Fireworks
Read this Smithsonian article to learn more about fireworks, which were invented by the Chinese and are part of many long-standing Chinese traditions.
Inaugural Firsts
Read this Smithsonian article to take a look back at past presidential inaugurations and learn when some of the traditions we know first took place.
The Speech and Bible From George Washington's First Inauguration Made History Many Times Over
Read this Smithsonian article to learn about how our first president created the tradition of giving an inaugural address and swearing the oath of office on a Bible.
That Time a Chicken Crashed Nixon’s Inaugural Ball and Other Crazy Inaugural Tales
For a more light-hearted approach to history, read this Smithsonian article to learn about 10 quirky moments from inaugural history, including presidential lassoing.
The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden
This online exhibition from the American History Museum introduces students to the U.S. presidency through a collection of more than 900 different objects. Composed of 11 thematic sections, the exhibition addresses everything from inaugural celebrations and the presidential roles to life in and after the White House.
Portraits of the Presidents Activities
Use the activities, games and puzzles in this teacher resource guide from the National Portrait Gallery to introduce students to the presidents and the role of the presidency in American history.
Mr. President
Did you know that Thomas Jefferson offered his own huge book collection as a replacement when British troops burned the Library of Congress? Or that John F. Kennedy was the youngest ever elected president—and the youngest to die in office? Invite students to learn facts about each U.S. president in this digital collection from the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access.
South Africa, Free At Last: The Freedom Songs of South Africa and the Civil Rights Movement in Ameri
In this Smithsonian Folkways lesson, students examine the musical and historical connection between songs that grew out of opposition to apartheid in South Africa and the African American Freedom Songs of the Civil Rights Movement. Although designed for high school choral students, the lesson is easily adapted for younger students.
Protest Songs: A Musical Introduction
In this Smithsonian Folkways lesson, middle school students will sing and listen to famous protest songs. They will learn to discuss the musical significance as well as the sociological and historical context of these songs.