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TEEN Tribune!!!!

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TEEN Tribune!!!!

I am so psyched to see that you are in the process of creating a separate site for high school students! My students have responded well to the tween site but I know they will be pumped to hear there is one on the way for their age group! Thanks!!!

I didn't catch this was there a date for rollout?? I am also a highschool student - do you do anything really creative that you could share??

Just got an email today that Teen Tribune is ready for use. It appears that my registered classes are automatically under the new website when I choose TEEN instead of TWEEN.

As far as how I've used the website, not sure if this is creative, but I have incorporated it into a year-long independent reading and writing assignment. Each week, they must either read an article of their choice, or one that I select (based on topics on far left of site). They must respond to the article in at least 100 words and save their comments. I then edit their writing with (?) marks to show them there is an error that needs addressed. After I save it, it goes back to the students for their editing. Finally, I grade and post their comments for them.

I also am going to start saving into a word doc their unedited responses and using them for grammar lessons on my smartboard (mixing up classes of course and not displaying anyone's user names).

Eventually, I would love to pick an article a week for the class to read together, incorporating vocabulary and comprehension questions? Overall, my students have just really responded to the current articles that actually interest them!