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Satis-fries: Fewer calories, but are they healthy?

Satis-fries: Fewer calories, but are they healthy?
Associated Press
Associated Press
Burger King wants people to feel less guilty about gobbling up its french fries.

The world's No. 2 hamburger chain is launching a new crinkle-cut french fry on Tuesday that it says has about 20 percent fewer calories than its regular fries.

The chain says a small order of the new "Satisfries" clocks in at 270 calories because of a new batter that doesn't absorb as much oil. By comparison, a small order of its regular fries, sans crinkles, has 340 calories.

The concept of taking an indulgent food and removing some of the guilt isn't new, of course. Supermarkets are filled with baked Lay's potato chips, 100-calorie packs of Oreos and other less fattening versions of popular treats. Such creations play on people's inability to give up their food vices, even as they struggle to eat better. The idea is to create something that skimps on calories, but not on taste.

Burger King executives say people won't be able to tell that Satisfries are lower in calories. It says they use exactly the same ingredients as its regular fries — potatoes, oil and batter. To keep kitchen operations simple, they're even made in the same fryers and cooked for the same amount of time as regular fries.

The difference, Burger King says, is that it adjusts the proportions of different ingredients for the batter to block out more oil. The company declined to be more specific. Another difference, the crinkle-cut shape, is in part so workers will be able to easily distinguish them from the regular fries when they're deep frying them together.

Alex Macedo, head of North American operations at Burger King, said the chain worked with one of its potato suppliers, McCain Foods, to develop the lower-calorie fries. He said McCain can't sell the fries to other fast-food clients and that different suppliers might have a tough time imitating them.

Critical thinking challenge: If Burger King's "Satisfries" are better for you, why do they care whether anyone imitates them?

- Posted on September 24, 2013
Satis-fries: Fewer calories, but are they healthy?
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I rarely eat fast food, but when I do prefer McDonald's fries with my cheeseburger. This change won't affect me in any way possible. but I know some people that will really enjoy these lower calorie fries.

I think burger king is doing something good towards their costumers. They are lowering the calories of their fries, so that their consumers still get to enjoy their food but without consuming as much calories.

I think it's good that they are trying to make a difference and make their food better but I don't think this is the right way to do it. I don't think its a better solution overall. It may help one thing but it makes another thing worse in the long run and I just don't think its really worth it.

Obviously the calories might be 270 calories but the fat and sodium levels are probably way high and if they dont want anyone copying these fries its because there is some special, truck filled calorie, ingredient to make it not wanted to be copied.

Burger King wants people to fell less guilty about eating their French fries so they decided to do something about it. Burger King is launching a new type of crinkle-cut French fry that is said to have 20 percent fewer calories than normal fries. The chain says that the small order of the new "Satisfries" contains 270 calories compared to a regular order of French fries which is clocked in at 340 calories. They say it is because they use a new type of batter for the fries which absorbs less oil. The idea is to create something that skimps on calories, but not taste. Burger King says that they use the same ingredients as its regular fries --- potatoes, oil, and batter. The difference is the proportions of different ingredients which makes batter that absorbs less oil. I think that it is fantastic that people can now eat fries while making healthy choices. At the same time I think that it is bad for people because if they want to lose weight then they will try to eat better but if they eat French fries that are "healthier" for you than regular French fries and they taste the same then people will eat those and will want to eat more junk food, and might struggle to eat better because they crave unhealthy good-tasting food.

burger king has made a new type of fries that are less calories because their new batter absorbs less oil. they are a twisted shape so the employees can distinguish the new ones and the old ones. a lot of people like these because they taste the same but have less calories and are better for you than the normal ones. i think this is a good idea because fast food is really unhealthy and this is a step in the right direction for burger king.

Satis-fries are a wonderful idea to increase profits at Burger King. Nowadays, people are very health conscious and Burger King, by adding a more healthful option, is increasing its target market. Many more people who are conservative about the fat content of the foods they eat may now consider Burger King as a restaurant option. The Satis-fries are made with a special batter that doesn't absorb as much oil as the regular fries even though both fries are cooked for the same amount of time in the same amount and type of oil.

I think that it's good that Burger King is giving decently healthy choices. I still wouldn't trust them to get healthy food. I wouldn't be surprised if they got sued like mc Donald's for making people fat. they probably make them just like regular fries. If you are looking for healthy food I do not recommend Burger King.

I think its a good idea to make a fewer calorie french fry for the people of this world. We all want to consume less calories and this is something where you can enjoy fast food with out as many calories. I would have to try the though because i am sure they do taste a little different but how could you go wrong with a french fry?

I personally prefer Mcdonalds french fries, however I think that it was a very good idea for them to make a fry and have it be fewer calories. I would choose the lower calorie one in compassrison to the more fattening one.