10-year-old finds $10,000

10-year-old finds $10,000
A 10-year-old boy who found $10,000 in a drawer at a Kansas City hotel where he was staying with his dad turned the money over to police.

Tyler Schaefer found the neatly stacked bills Saturday in the room where he and his father, Cody Schaefer, were staying at a hotel near the airport.

Cody Schaefer said Tyler, a Cub Scout, is always on the lookout for clues and treasure.

"He looks for stuff at random," Schaefer said of his son. "He's very observant."

Schaefer said after they checked into their room Saturday, Tyler began opening all the drawers, and it wasn't too long before Tyler announced: "I found money!"

Schaefer thought maybe his son had found a forgotten $10 bill, but when he looked closer he saw the stack of bills totaling $10,000. He wondered if the bills were fake, but saw they had the appropriate watermarks and seemed legitimate.

"We didn't know what to do at first," Schaefer said.

Schaefer told his son they couldn't keep the cash because they didn't know who it belonged to. They handed the money over to two off-duty police officers working security at the hotel.

Police said it's unclear how long the money had been there, and they can't track down every guest who stayed in that room recently. Police spokesman Capt. Tye Grant said Thursday no one had claimed the money yet.

According to a Missouri law, lost money could be given to whomever finds it after about seven months if no one can prove ownership. But the owner then has another year to prove the money is his or hers and claim it from the finder.

Critical thinking challenge: What would you do if you found $10,000? Would you give it to the police?

- Posted on May 31, 2013
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if i found 10,000 dollars first id be amazed and then id tell someone about it but i would think long and hard about what to do with it . i would probably wait for someone to claim it and if they didnt i'd take it .

If I found ten thousand dollars laying around. I would be suspicious. But also honest to my self. It may have been ill gotten dough, but I probably; knowing myself, pocket some big faces.

This makes me wonder whether or not I would give the money up or not. It sounds like the dad wanted to keep it but the boy knew the right thing to do. So cootose to the boy who turned in the money because that was a brave thing to do. It was so luck to come across that much money that a lot of people wouldn't have the courage to turn it in. Like I said, I don't know what I would do. I am curious as to why it's there and who or what put it there.

If I found 10,000 dollars in my drawer I would keep it until I need it and don't turn it in to the police because it's a once in your life to find a nice stack of cash in your drawer. If you see something you like spend some of the money and save it for later.

That was very responsible and just to give the money to the police. Now they do not have to feel guilt like they would have if they kept it. If they are lucky, no one will claim it and they will get to keep the money. If the owner claims it and has proof then the owner should give them a cash reward for finding it. Even if the owner takes it all, they did the right thing. They should feel proud.

Really cool piece of work. I think the boy should not keep the money. It should go tords the hotel. it was left in the hotel and it should stay at the hotel, The hotel could have some new beds or something. I think they could even donate the money to cancer care. It should not go to waste to the kid that found it.

how did he find it and where did find it at.i wish that was me that found that much money.i feel bad for the person who lost it.

I think this is a news worthy story because you don't find types of people who can do that everyday. Any other person would have taken that money for whatever reason. But for this ten year old kid to do something that amazing had to be on the news! He not only did the right thing but set an example for everyone.

The 10-year-old boy is really lucky that day. If I found that kind of money I don't kown family about it.
I will spend my money on everything includeing video games.

If I found 10,000 I would give it to the police because that would be the right thing to do. The kid was probably excited to know that he found 10,000 dollars. He was probably wondering if he should keep it or not. Tyler is a very good boy for turning in the money. Hopefully no one gets the money so Tyler can have it..