Is 105 too old to drive a car?

The current license of New Zealand's oldest driver Bob Edwards, in Ngataki, New Zealand. – AP photos
Is 105 too old to drive a car?
Bob Edwards was born before the first Model T rolled out of Henry Ford's factory in Detroit. He learned to drive in a French car that had a lever instead of a steering wheel. And he's still on the road, only now in a red four-wheel-drive Mitsubishi.

The oldest licensed driver in New Zealand, and one of the oldest in the world, has been driving for 88 of his 105 years and has no plans to give it up, just as he intends to keep working out every morning in his home gym, and to keep regularly cooking meals for himself and his wife, who's 91.

"In fact, I don't think I'm old," Edwards says. "Not really."

He's been involved in just one crash in his life and has gotten just one speeding ticket, a citation that still gets him riled up years later. When he broke his left hip three years ago, his doctors said to stop driving for six weeks but he didn't pay them much mind. After all, he says, he drives an automatic and only needs his right leg for that.

In New Zealand, drivers older than 80 must have their health and vision tested every two years to stay on the road.

"Older drivers, on a per-kilometer-driven basis, are involved in far fewer crashes than younger drivers," said Andy Knackstedt, a spokesman for the New Zealand Transport Agency, which oversees driver testing.

He said that for many elderly people, retaining a license helps them maintain their independence, mobility and dignity. "Our job is really to balance that with the need to make sure our roads are safe," he says.

According to Guinness World Records, the world's oldest driver was American Fred Hale Sr. who was on the road until his 108th birthday in 1998.

Critical thinking challenge: How does driving help Bob Edwards?

- Posted on June 5, 2013
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In New Zealand there is a man named Bob Edward who is 105 years old. He is still driving and it makes him feel young. He has only gotten one speeding ticket and has been in just one accident. I think he is a better driver than other people because some people get more than one speeding ticket.

The story was about this guy named Fred Hale was one of the oldest drivers in the world. He was driving even when he was in his 100's. Fred was born even before Ford's first model ( Model A/T). I think that people who are old should get checked up on for eye sight and health, but elderly people should still be able to drive a car in peace. And when he broke his hip he said that he only needs the right leg to drive an automatic. If i were living in my early 100's I would be driving everyday probably not going to work but I would be driving. Fred Hale Sr died at age 108, in 1998

ok i think a persons age doesnt matter i think its their driving skill that counts not age and if a car uses a lever instead of a wheel how would you use that?

I think it's honestly a little cool that he can still drive, cook, and workout when he's 105!!! I wonder if he is trying to beat that guys record of driving till 108 years old? I think that he is just trying to stay alive for as long as he can. The weird thing is he really doesn't look 105.

I think that he should still be able to drive. He is just living his life and trying to live it as long as he can along with as free as he can. He and all of the other soon to be or are 105 years should be able to drive.

The first thing I have to say is WOW!!!! How can he drive when he 105. He has seen the car world change from the first ever Ford Model T to the electronic Teslas we have today.Good job Bob for staying healthy enough to do this.

WOW congrats to this guy 105 and still living like he's 25 years old. Driving and hitting the weights if he's fine i think he should still be able to drive

Bob Edwards was born before the first Model T rolled out of Henry Ford's factory in Detroit. Wow he's old, he must be healthy if he's still kicking. He's been involved in just one crash in his life and has gotten just one speeding ticket. He's lucky. my Mom got more then 10.

it's not to old when i'm 105 i'll drive a car like Bob Edwards maybe but if i die i will never give up NEVER!!!! cause when i'm 14 i can drive a moped like other people sincerely Cormick Currans

That's awesome that he is not letting age take away his life. When I'm this old I want to be independent, and not stuck in some nursing homes, this man is an idol to the elderly to keep living their lives.