School closed for good weather

Principal Bob Sampson announced the day off on the school's site. – AP photos
School closed for good weather
In sun-deprived Washington state, the promise of nice spring weather has prompted a small private school to give students a day off to enjoy the sunshine.

Friday will be a "sun day" of sorts for 205 students at Bellingham Christian School in Bellingham, Wash.

"SCHOOL CANCELLED DUE TO GREAT WEATHER! WAHOO!" exclaims an all-caps notice on the Bellingham Christian Northstars website. "Yeah! It’s a Sun Day today and everyone gets the day off from school."

Principal Bob Sampson announced the day off on the school's site.

"Kids just love the anticipation of sitting around to see if school is canceled when it snows," he said. "You know, we haven’t had any snow days, so I thought ‘how fun would it be to create that anticipation for kids when it’s nice out?’"

With the weather in Bellingham expected to be sunny through the weekend, Sampson figured Friday would be the ideal day for his school to "suddenly" close.

Sampson says he wanted to give students a chance to enjoy the weather and re-energize. He says he surveyed parents and floated the idea with the school board before canceling school.

The sun day was also made possible because there weren't any days off because of snow this school year.

Friday is not the first time the school has given students the day off because of sunshine. The last time was two years ago.

"In a world that’s got a lot hard things going," Sampson said, "it’s fun to create a moment of joy."

Critical thinking challenge: How did the principal justify closing school for a day, and why did parents agree?

- Posted on May 3, 2013
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I agree this is a great idea. I could see why the principal did this. To give the teachers and students a break for all their hard work. I would enjoy this very much. People deserve a break every now and then and it really shows someone's appreciation towards a worker. It is a great idea for school, for work and just for fun! And I like the idea that the principal said to post pictures of you and you're family having fun and enjoying the sunshine. This idea is brilliant and i don't see why we haven't done it yet. But, i like it and i hope you will too.

Oh my god these kids are so lucky! I would LOVE to have a nice sunny day here, all we have is snow, and rain right now.We just like get snow days! I HATE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It would be so cool to get a day off of school because of the good weather. They where also allowed to do that because the parents took a survey about that idea.

That's awesome that they didn't have to go to school!! I would be so happy probably screaming! I think it's right because they didn't have any snow days but some people might disagree.

Why would you close school for good weather? You should close school for bad weather. I would rather go to school when the weather is good, and not go when the weather is bad.

I would love to go to that school i live really close by.The principle and the superintendent must be really nice to say there was no school because it was a nice day.

WOW!!! That would be so cool to have a day off on a nice sunny day. That should happen to the parents too because your family can go and enjoy the day,plus they can take you to a fun place or something. I wish our school did that. They are so lucky.

The is a cool story it has no school on a Friday and it is call sun day lol but this is nice for these kids who don't have snow days

That is so cool! I wish our school would do that. We have so many days with nice weather where I am. That is awesome!

I think that is a great idea!! The students were most likely thrilled, I would have been!! The parents prob ally didn't like the idea at first, but then they realized how happy the kids would be!! Principal Sampson had a great idea and I'm glad the school board and parents agreed to let the kids to have a Sun Day!!