Cat “arrested” as Russian “spy”

Cat “arrested” as Russian “spy”
Inmates at Russia's prisons have been known to bribe guards to obtain cellphones. But using cats as couriers?

Guards patrolling a prison colony in Russia's north saw a feline on the fence and it seemed to be carrying something. On a closer look, they found a few cellphones and chargers taped to the cat's belly.

The federal prison service said Monday that this happened on Friday at Penal Colony No. 1 near the city of Syktyvkar in the Komi province, some 600 miles northeast of Moscow.

It wasn't clear how the cat was supposed to drop off its loot.

Critical thinking challenge: Why would someone use a cat to smuggle phones? Why would prisoners want phones?

- Posted on June 4, 2013
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Based on what happened, I predict that things would change around that prison. First of all, DON'T ARREST THAT LITTLE BALL OF FUR he didn't do anything wrong! If I were the chief officer, I would be more strict about who comes in and who comes out. I would also put a cell phone scrambler in the area of the building so that If a cell phone got by they still couldn't use it.

OK Russia arrested a cat. now first of all how did the cat get into the prison? Second why arrest the cat. Take the phones off the cat and put it in a shelter. or you could let the cat into the wild.

Prisoners would want phones because they could be planning to escape in it like a text telling them how they are getting out of prison.

HOW IS A CAT A SPY . i mean like they cant talk to report back to some one. well...... it is kind of clever because no one would suspect a cat to be a spy, i wouldn't.

Prisoners will do anything to get it contact with the outside world if it means freedom, even use a cat as their pawn. Guards stopped a cat at a prison colony in North Russia that was armed with cell phones and chargers. They are not sure who did it, or how the cat was supposed to drop off its stuff. It’s outrageous guards need to titan security majorly. How does a cat even do this.

first off that is so cute and when i read the title i said that is so cute and funny and i just sort of thought it seens to be a little harsh to arest a cat.

This is the best story I've ever read in my whole entire life. I would read this even if I was dying. Best, story, EVER!

it is so funny and cute and also my favrete story ever
i can't beleave that cat got arested.they should call the cat "the feline smugger"

How would the cat be able to know where to find the cell phones and where to deliver it, and why would they use a cat?

I never knew cats can be spy's. I think that's cool because i could tell my cat to spy on my boyfriend any time i want to. Still want to know how did this people did not know if the cat had a cellphone charger on its belly.