Giant rubber duck makes big splash in Hong Kong

A giant rubber duck created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is towed along Hong Kong's Victoria Habour. – AP photos
Giant rubber duck makes big splash in Hong Kong
A six-story-high rubber duck is making a big splash in Hong Kong.

Crowds watched the inflatable duck being pulled by tugboat across Victoria Harbor in front of Hong Kong's signature skyscraper skyline.

Tourist Zhang Wenjin from Shanghai says it's a big surprise. "This is huge. My daughter liked it when she saw it just now. Because kids like cute stuff."

Yu Kwan Yee of Hong Kong was part of the crowd. "The duckie is swimming," the 2-year-old said.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created the bright-yellow duck, and it was built of PVC material in New Zealand by a company specializing in large sails.

Hofman was on hand as the duck arrived and said it later had to be deflated because high winds and waves created a "big challenge."

The duck has been transported around the world since 2007, bringing a message of peace and harmony. It has previously been to Osaka, Japan, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Auckland, New Zealand, and Amsterdam.

It will be anchored at a Hong Kong terminal for display until June.

Critical thinking challenge: Why would an artist create a giant duck? How does it promote peace and harmony?

- Posted on May 3, 2013
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Wow this is a really cool duck, I wish I could of been in New Zealand when the artist created it. The thing I like about this duck is that it's so big and that it's one of a kind.

That is a huge rubber- ducky. When I was little I loved rubber-duckys to play with in the shower. I wonder if the duck will come here soon.

That is the bigest ruber duck I have ever seen!! That would be the best if they let people ride on the gient ruber duck!

dutch artist Florentijn Hofman has struck again creating a giant yellow duck. that's right you read correctly Hofman has created a six story high yellow duck just like the one used by kids in the tub except way bigger. he was able to create this giant using PVC material which is the same material used to make sails. he partnered with a new zealand company that specialized in large sails to accomplish this massive goal. even with this hard work high winds and waves caused problems for the duck and it had to be deflated for a while. this duck has been traveling the world for six long years spreading joy and the message of peice and harmony. it has already been to Osaka, Japan, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Auckland, New zealand, and AMster dam. this giant peice of art will be parked in hong kong to be seen until june

That's so cute! I would want to see that in person. I wonder how long it have to have took to make that and how they go it into the water.

That is really cool! I wish I could see it in person! Who would of guessed that there would be a giant rubber duck in the water!

I wonder if you could get inside that.They should have an engine on that and make like a tourist ride.I think that they would make a lot of money off that.

that's so cool! I would of loved to see it! Its not often you see a gaint rubber duck in the water! So cool! I wish I saw it!!

I saw the giant rubber ducky in Pittsburgh I got tiny version of the giant rubber ducky and every night before bed I hug Joe my duck.

The Duck is in Pittsburgh. My mom, my brother, my sister, Mimi and I where there. We took pictures and cooled of from the long trip in the fountain. We had fun.