Students show up for prom that wasn’t

Students show up for prom that wasn’t
Everyone got stood up at one Southern California high school's prom. The dance itself was a no-show.

Dozens of tuxedo-clad and corsage-wearing teens from Bloomington High School traveled 40 miles to Santa Anita Park on Saturday, only to discover they hadn't been told that the date of the big night had changed.

"We thought it was a joke, OK, that's not funny," said student Selena Reyes. "When we get there, they tell us that we have to go back home and come back next weekend."

Instead of the enchanting evening they were expecting, people at the venue rushed to come up with a backup plan.

"They ended up opening up a hall, shoving all the kids in there with just regular tables. I heard that they were fed chicken strips that were cold," said Reyes' mother, Diana Gomez.

The San Bernardino County school's calendar and the prom invitations listed the event on April 27, but it was slated for May 4.

Principal Ignacio Cabrera says there was miscommunication with event planners.

"They can't make up for it," said student Marcus Vargas. "Everybody paid for that day to be all super fancy. They paid for party buses and limos and things like that. They're going to have to do something pretty amazing to make up for that."

A semi-formal substitute event is planned for May 18.

Critical thinking challenge: How could this problem have been avoided? What can be done now to make things “right” for students?

- Posted on May 1, 2013
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There was no communication at all, between the staff or the students. I think that they at least should of told the students parents. It is wrong to have them to go and believe it's going to be a once in a lifetime chance. You only go to prom once! That is good they have rescheduled. If that happened to me, I would probably hate it. I would be ashamed if I were one of the kids, and embarrassed if I was part of that staff.

There was no communication at all, the staff or party planners should've announced that the prom was changed. Many of the students has paid for limos, party busses, hotels, etc. for that one day and there is no way they can take that back. So I strongly agree that the school should really make up for the lack of communication and should've have told them.

If I was one of the students that got all dressed up and got my hair done. Then told I had to go home because the prom was next weekend. There would be blood on the battle field. I can't believe that the school did not make a point to tell the students that the prom was moved to the next weekend.

I think this problem could have been avoided by better communication. Apparently none of the students were notified. I would personally be extremely upset. Especially after driving 40 miles! I would only hope that their semi-formal substitute event on May 18 isn't a flop as well.

The school should have made sure everybody knows that prom night was switched to May 10. The students wouldn't be mad and expect a fancy and fun prom on May 10

I think that is totally ridiculous! The people who scheduled the prom should have informed them of the correct date. They should give them another prom that is ten times better then the other one would have been and it should be free because they already paid for the fake prom.

Education: A school in San Bernandino County rescheduled the prom when the kids already rented their prom attire. It must have cost alot. I think the school should repay the students. By giving them another prom. The tickets should be free. It has to be perfect.

Critical thinking challenge: How could this problem have been avoided? What can be done now to make things “right” for students? They could have told the students the day before. They can repay them i doubt they would do that though.

This is just wrong. The school should have informed the students that prom was not until the next weeked. The girls paid to get their hair done, their fingers and toes, and their makeup done. The boys paid for the corsages, and their tuxedos. For the students that did go, I think that the school should pay for their hair, makeup, toes, fingers, and their corsages and wrislets for the students. This would be the right thing to do for the students who worked hard all year and saving up money for their prom and then when they show up they are told to go home. I think that is wrong, and their is no fixing it.

it was mean for those kids do that to them because they bought limos and stuff they where probly sad and mad i feel bad for them

This is a really sad story, for anyone to get there prom ruined, I mean no kid wants a party to be pushed back when they have already shown up all ready and to be served cold chicken. The school could of exleast give an announcement to tell the students that it was going to be pushed back. I mean everyone that was going to go, already paid for limos and party busses even flowers and hair and makeup. I hope that this insedinte doesn’t happen to anyone else.