Would you eat cafeteria food that is 100% veggies?

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Would you eat cafeteria food that is 100% veggies?
A New York City school is one of the first in the nation to adopt an all-vegetarian menu.

Public School 244 has been serving tofu wraps and vegetarian chili since going all-veggie earlier this year.

P.S. 244 has 400 students in pre-kindergarten through third grade.

The school started serving a vegetarian lunch three times a week. Then increased it to four times a week before making the switch to an all-vegetarian menu every day.

"We discovered early on that our kids were gravitating toward our vegetarian offerings, and we kept expanding the program to meet the demand," principal Robert Groff said.

Tuesday's menu included black beans and cheddar quesadillas served with salsa and roasted potatoes.

A staff member at the animal-welfare group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said he believes P.S. 244 may be the first all-vegetarian public elementary school in the nation.

"We think this is a really exciting development," said Ryan Huling, who coordinates PETA's work with colleges that serve vegetarian fare. "The school should be commended for providing students with low-fat, nutrient-packed brain food."

P.S. 244 is a neighborhood school, so students who prefer meat-based meals would not be able to transfer out. In addition, vegetarian children at other schools will not be able to transfer in.

Critical thinking challenge: Why is PETA supporting P.S. 244?

- Posted on May 1, 2013
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If my school had that change I would eat school lunches every day, maybe. I don't eat school lunches now but I love vegetables! I don't think the school's meat is cooked all the way, so I don't eat it! But if we had an all vegetarian lunch menu, no more uncooked chicken!

No I wouldn't eat in a café that was 100% veggie. I need meat and I believe that fruit and vegies is good but you should be offered meat, even if its a healthier meat such as turkey.

To answer the question, PETA supports the act because PETA puts animals first ignoring the nutritional cost for the children. People tend to think that meats are bad for you due to their fat content, but if animals are fed the proper diet, they are turned into healthy fats that are vital to their diet. PETA doesn't always take human interests to heart.

I wouldn't eat the school food if it was 100% vegtables it doesn't give kids the variety that they want, nor the protein, nutrition or other things that your body needs. Many kids would probably bring their lunch if school ever made it 100% vegtables.

I wouldn't eat the cafeteria food if it was all vegetables! You don't get all the nutrition you need In the day from just vegetables. I barely eat the lunch we have now at school. I would pack my lunch everyday. There wouldn't be very much of a variety of foods in the cafeteria each week.

PETA supports an all vegetarian menu for schools because they are against the wrong treatment of animals. By eating only vegetables, no animals are being harmed. PETA wants to eventually have everyone eating vegan, or at least vegetarian, so by encouraging it in schools and giving children only vegetables while they are still young, they are closer to that goal.

I would not be able to eat just vegetables maybe if they added some sweet juicy fruit I can handle it. I would eat only vegetables if it were my only meal but otherwise I will need some fruit too.

I would personally like to have a lunch of all vegetables. It would help me eat healthy even when I am at school. When teenagers try to eat healthy they are usually successful except when they are at school because there arent very many healthy options.

i would not eat that because vegitables are disgusting and i would not like to go to that school and if had to go to my house and fix a fatty lunch and then eat it in front of all them and say haha you dont get fatty food like i do

Eating vegetables everyday for lunch would be very healthy but not all kids would want to. Kids can eat unhealthy very often and its good that school lunches could be vegetables. All kids in the school aren't vegetarians so they would start bringing a lunch.