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Man whose "dog ate my money" gets his money back

Man whose "dog ate my money" gets his money back
Associated Press
Associated Press
A Montana man who painstakingly gathered and reassembled parts of five $100 bills eaten by his golden retriever has been reimbursed by the U.S. Treasury for the "mutt-ilated" currency.

Wayne Klinkel of Helena received a $500 check on Monday.

"It was great to get the check after all I went through," said Klinkel.

His 12-year-old dog, Sundance, downed all but half of one of the bills in December. Sundance, a rescue dog from a Wyoming animal shelter, snacked on the cash left in the family vehicle while Klinkel and his wife ate at a restaurant. They were on a road trip to visit their daughter in Colorado.

Sundance ate the $100 dollar bills, but left a $1 bill untouched.

Klinkel carefully picked through the dog's droppings over the next few days to recover parts of the bills. His daughter recovered more when the snow melted in the spring.

Klinkel cleaned and carefully reassembled the bills, put them in plastic bags and sent them to the U.S. Treasury in April with an explanation.

He got a receipt for the bills 10 days later, and didn't hear from the Treasury until he received the check.

"I gave Sundance a pat, showed it to him and told him not to eat it," said Klinkel.

He said there wasn't any correspondence with the check, but the memo section in the bottom left read: "MUT.CURR REFUND."

Critical thinking challenge: Why was Klinkel's daughter able to find more money in the spring?

- Posted on October 2, 2013
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I would be so mad if my dog ate $500 of my money. It is really really funny that Sundance left the $1 bill alone. I am glad that Klinkel got his money back.

That must stink to have a dog eat your money. Well, at least he got his money back,though he just could get it back in his job, well if he's has a job...


OMG! That is hilarious, a dog that eats money! I am so surprised that the owner did not flip. Mr. Klinkel must be extremely patient. And I hope that the dog never chews any thing that important every again.

Wow if my dog ate five $100 bills i would be happy to get a $500 check.But i really wouldnt want to dig through my dogs droppings.So just saying dont leave your dog in your car alone if you have any kind of money in there. :)

That's so sad I feel bad for that poor dog! I love animals but he looks like he lost a eye! I want to help it

Its cool that the Treasury gave Klinkel the money back after Sundance ate it. I think its funny that Sundance only ate the $500 check and the $100 bills but left the $1 bill. Klinkel's daughter probably found more of the money in the spring because the snow had melted so you could see what was under the layers of snow.

That's so funny! It must have been annoying, though to have to get the pieces of the money from that... stuff to get the check. I find it strange that the dog didn't eat the $1 bills or the check.

I fell really bad for him. That must have stunk. If that happened to me I don't know what I would do. She was able to find more in the spring because the snow melted and she found more because it wasn't hidden.

Thats funny that Sundance ate the 100 dollar bills and only left a 1 dollar bill untouched. Also he got the bills 10 days later and didn't hear from treasury till he got the check