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School tortures students with Justin Bieber song

School tortures students with Justin Bieber song
Associated Press
Associated Press
High school students in the small western Washington community of Tenino (Ten-NINE-o) are raising money for a cause — supporting orphans at a school in the west African country of Ghana.

One unconventional strategy: they're playing the Justin Bieber song "Baby" during breaks between classes and at lunch time until the campus raises $500. They hope students will donate to stop the school from paying the song.

KING-TV reports they have raised more than $330. Some students were quickly pleading for an end. Said student Zack Chamberlain, "My head is about to explode right now."

Student government president Connor Stakelin concedes that "for some of them it's incentive to donate because they don't want to hear it anymore."

Other students don’t mind the Bieber music. It’s the repetition that’s getting to them.

“We’re done listening to that song over and over again. It’s getting very bad. I just want to go home,” said Jasmine Moore, a student.

KING says the idea to support Crossover International Academy came from Tenino Elementary School Principal Dave Ford.

Tenino is about 60 miles south of Seattle.

Critical thinking challenge: If Justin Bieber is bad, what song would be worse? Or would song would you not mind hearing over and over again?

- Posted on March 11, 2014
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This is hilarious! I used to love Justin Bieber but then he grew old and I thought he was getting annoying but I have to admit i still listen to him sometimes. But I like One Direction now.

This is hilarious, I love that they did this. I use to be in love with Justin Bieber but as I got older and as he got older things changed. He got horrible at singing, I could'nt stand him at all!

I personally love Justin Bieber, so this is a little offensive. It's kinda funny how you can "torture" someone by playing Justin Bieber in the hall ways. Like i previously said, i love Justin Bieber, so if our school started playing started playing JB in the hallway, i wouldn't mind at all. The most interesting thing about this article is the fact that Justin Bieber is the artist used to torture students. Out of ALL of the artists out there, Justin Bieber is the one that was chosen.

I think it is ridiculous that they have to torture the students so the school can raise money. I think they should find a better way to raise money. I also think it is kind of funny that they play that song to raise money. I probably could not handle that song. I think this is a weird and twisted story.

Justin Bieber is a pretty awesome singer. At first i thought he was pretty cool, but then once he got older and more professional with his work its so much more entertaining. Although that is so rude to do that to the kids basically giving them no option to pay the money. An interesting thing to look at though is that they actually get to listen to music at school beside band/choir. So therefore this has some pluses and negatives on this topic of Justin Bieber.

Wow, I'm surprised that a school would actually do this. It is a very smart way to get the students to donate money. I would give a dollar a day, and I'm sure most of my friends would do the same. Most of us don't like Justin Bieber- especially his song "Baby" but it's kind of wrong to certain point. I understand that the school means no harm, but isn't kind of wrong to get kids to pay off?

Justin Bieber is the worst singer. Ever. The school is doing a horrible thing to the children by torturing them with that song. All of his songs are horrible, I am surprised that he still has some fans. Huh. Even in the computer, ''Bieber'' is UNKNOWN. Hahaha. Another reason to laugh. I would never listen to his songs, he makes me sick.

I don't mind Justin Bieber that much it's just his personality. I think he is cute and i like his music. i wouldn't mind hearing song every break. But the kids donating money not to hear a song is pretty selfish.
Why don't the just donate the money to to donate and be nice.

Justin Bieber doesn't really have bad songs, his voice was just really high before. Now he's actually a really good singer. Bieliber for life! And he is really cute!

Raising money is good cause, but hoping they you will raise money by playing a Justin Bieber song is just ridiculous. That's like playing with fire. They are risking it and hoping that they don't get burned. They might not reach their goal. So they should think about that.