School tortures students with Justin Bieber song

School tortures students with Justin Bieber song
High school students in the small western Washington community of Tenino (Ten-NINE-o) are raising money for a cause — supporting orphans at a school in the west African country of Ghana.

One unconventional strategy: they're playing the Justin Bieber song "Baby" during breaks between classes and at lunch time until the campus raises $500. They hope students will donate to stop the school from paying the song.

KING-TV reports they have raised more than $330. Some students were quickly pleading for an end. Said student Zack Chamberlain, "My head is about to explode right now."

Student government president Connor Stakelin concedes that "for some of them it's incentive to donate because they don't want to hear it anymore."

Other students don’t mind the Bieber music. It’s the repetition that’s getting to them.

“We’re done listening to that song over and over again. It’s getting very bad. I just want to go home,” said Jasmine Moore, a student.

KING says the idea to support Crossover International Academy came from Tenino Elementary School Principal Dave Ford.

Tenino is about 60 miles south of Seattle.

Critical thinking challenge: If Justin Bieber is bad, what song would be worse? Or would song would you not mind hearing over and over again?

- Posted on March 11, 2014
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That is pure torture. The song that would be worse, nothing for me Justin Bieber is the worst. I could hear any Imagine Dragons song over and over again and not get sick of it.

Justin Bieber, some people adore him and others despise him. What if your school played his songs on repeat at lunch until the campus raised over $500 dollars, would you hate it or love it ? If this happened at my school my head would explode I hate Justin Bieber especially the song "Baby". Baby is the worst song ever because Justin's voice is so high pitched, annoying, and there is so much repetition. His song lyrics are terrible too, they are all about love which I despise completely. Justin's songs agitate me so much that I just want to kill myself. I don't even think I would be able to survive if my school played Justin Bieber's songs until we raised enough money.

I think that it is clever to use music that most people hate to raise money. The kids will want the music to end so they will pay to stop it. In addition, fans may grow tired of the music. To sum up, I think it is a great idea.

I think that's wrong for the high school to being playing music just for kids to donate money,instead they should do a school activity that cost only one dollar. I dislike justin bieber so if I went to that school I would do something about it instead of just hearing it over and over again! In my opinion this is a horrible way to make money.

The song that would be worse for me is baby I cant stand hearing it because I cant stand hearing him sound like a girl. A song that I wouldn't mind is beauty and a beat because I like Nicki Minaj in that song so I wouldn't mind hearing that

The is a terrible thing to do just to get money. They should just have something fun. The school has been playing the music to long so they now have massive headache . Therefore they will donate just to get it to stop. A school shouldn't do this just for money.

I think playing the Justin Bieber song, "Baby", over and over again to get people to donate is not right. Staff should get students motivated another way instead of torturing students to pay money to stop the music. They should try getting students to donate for a good cause, not to stop music from playing in the halls and during lunch.

I do not know why the school would choose this way to raise money. To me, it seems a bit silly. There are many more ways to raise money. The school seems to be intent on torturing students to get money for the cause. I do not think that this is right, the school should change this. The students even said that it is really annoying them. this might be getting in the way of their learning. I know that I wouldn't be able to concentrate with Justin Bieber songs going off in the middle of switching classes. In conclusion, I think that this is not fair, and that the school should change the way that they raise money for this cause.
-Vibha Period 2

Wow! That's pretty interesting. I would just want to leave that school the first day. I would literally make my parents find me a new school.

High school students in the small town of Tenino, Washington are raising money to help orphans in West Africa. Their doing this by playing the hit song "Baby" by Justin Bieber every break and passing period. They said they won't stop till they have collected $500 from the school. Students have already raised $330, because they just want the sing to end, and are getting sick of it. One student even states, "We're done listening to that song over and over again. It's getting very bad. I just want to go home." I think that was a really smart idea and way to collect money from students. I also feel like if I was just a normal student, I wouldn't be able to focus and just get really annoyed. I also would find it really irritating if I had donated, and I still had to listen to the song until all the money was collected.