School tortures students with Justin Bieber song

School tortures students with Justin Bieber song
High school students in the small western Washington community of Tenino (Ten-NINE-o) are raising money for a cause — supporting orphans at a school in the west African country of Ghana.

One unconventional strategy: they're playing the Justin Bieber song "Baby" during breaks between classes and at lunch time until the campus raises $500. They hope students will donate to stop the school from paying the song.

KING-TV reports they have raised more than $330. Some students were quickly pleading for an end. Said student Zack Chamberlain, "My head is about to explode right now."

Student government president Connor Stakelin concedes that "for some of them it's incentive to donate because they don't want to hear it anymore."

Other students don’t mind the Bieber music. It’s the repetition that’s getting to them.

“We’re done listening to that song over and over again. It’s getting very bad. I just want to go home,” said Jasmine Moore, a student.

KING says the idea to support Crossover International Academy came from Tenino Elementary School Principal Dave Ford.

Tenino is about 60 miles south of Seattle.

Critical thinking challenge: If Justin Bieber is bad, what song would be worse? Or would song would you not mind hearing over and over again?

- Posted on March 11, 2014
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A school in Washington north named Tenino was complaining about donating $500 dollars to send to the African country in Ghana for the children by making the other schools to stop hearing the song "Baby" by Justin Bieber. Even that some of the other schools don't complain but some made a stand that they made $300 and was close for making a change and how annoying the song could be.

A high school in Tenino is raising money for Ghanan orphans by playing Justin Bieber's "Baby" on a loop during passing period. For many students, it's an incentive to donate because it's so annoying. Even the kids who like the song are sick of it after having to listen to it so many times.
I think this is a really funny story. I guess it's a pretty effective way to raise money, but I don't know that it's very nice to the students.

I would be the same way because who want to here the same song over and over again they should play different songs each break then they would raise more money there are way more then one Justin Bieber come on play more then one song something that everybody wants to hear.

why do they have to pay 500 dollars just for Justin Bierber to sing a song called baby? IF Justin Bieber came to sing a song at my school i wouldn't pay a thing to have Justin sing so that's what i feel about that and if i have to pay something for a person singing at covert public schools i would pay them.

from Abigail wilson.

If the song "Baby'' is raising money for charity, but if it's making students at the school suffer? then why play it at all? If it just is ruining others for a good reason that's also a bad deed, it's effecting students so they start failing and get bad grades. So it's dumb to do this, why not play a song everybody could agree on, like a democratical vote.

Personally I dislike Justin Biebers music very much. I also do not think he is a great role model. I would donate money to make "Baby" stop playing. I think it is a great that they are raising money for a good cause. For once, Justin Biebers music has done something good in the world. That is a great idea what that school is doing.

OMG everybody always talking ways JB stuff is always hurting someone or not wanting people to listen to or even hear everybody have there way just let it be omg acting like he always been bad or something if that's the case just tell the people who are listening to it to put on earplugs nicely instead of making a big deal out of it

Just because you want a silly song to stop playing is a ridiculous reason to donate money. People don't even know what Justin Bieber is up to anymore. People don't like him because of his reputation in the past.
I will say that Justin Bieber does need to go back to the place he came from, Canada.

I agree Justin Bieber is very bad. A song that would be worst would be the Tacos. The song that would be better to hear all the time is Something In the Water.

I agree Justin Bieber is very bad. A song that would be worst would be the Tacos. The song that would be better to hear all the time is Something In the Water.