Students “protest” elimination of spring break

Northampton Community College students Thoai Luong and Sebastian Paff try out the kiddie swimming pool in the lounge of the Bethlehem, Pa. school. – AP photos
Students “protest” elimination of spring break
When Northampton Community College canceled spring break to make up for excessive snow days, students decided to protest — by wearing flip-flops, bathing suits and tank tops to class. Not to mention plastic leis.

The imaginary beach day drew sympathy, not scorn, from winter-weary administrators at the eastern Pennsylvania school. They set up a Tiki bar with an inflatable palm tree in the campus food court to serve nonalcoholic drinks. The drinks were served with the requisite paper umbrellas.

Protest organizers Thoai Luong and John Cronce, both 20 and from Easton, were a bit disappointed in the turnout. The event only drew 15 people, mostly male. But they said those who joined in were having a blast.

"Most of the campus is looking at us like we're nuts," Cronce told the Express-Times. "It would be nice if there were more girls."

The food court also featured a plastic kiddie pool and a pingpong table, where college President Mark Erickson played against the students. Erickson wore sandals, an orange polo shirt, madras shorts and a lei. But he stashed a suit in his office for some afternoon functions.

However, all the festivities couldn't change the still-chilly weather in Bethlehem — or the fact that a weeklong vacation was nixed.

Holding a beverage from the Tiki bar, student Efrain Lopez told WFMZ-TV: "The drink's nice, but I'd rather be on spring break."

Critical thinking challenge: The turnout was disappointing in two ways. What were they?

- Posted on March 21, 2014
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That is good that they are fighting for what they believe in ,and they are doing it in a non violent way because some kids will try to really fight to get there way.But you can't take peoples vacation because of snow that they didn't have anything to do with.

EDUCATION:I think that they shouldn't take away their spring break because I think they have a right to have some breaks from school but not to long because when the breaks are to long like 3 months people can forget things from school.The school did put up some things because of it but I still don't think that it was enough to make up for taking their spring break away

CTC: It was disappointing in one way by not getting anytime to relax or take a break from school for that long at least because there could possibly be other holidays they get off.The other way being that the school tried to put up some spring stuff but no one cared.

This article was quite funny. I was surprised that the teachers let the students wear sandals because i am sure it was against the dress code.i would have wanted to be on spring break to,but at lease they had fun and made up for what they couldn't have

Good job for at least trying to get a rally going on in some way. It may not have worked but they still got it done.

I wonder how long they had been planning the protest. When did they hear they would not be having spring break? I would hate not having spring break, I just would not go. Maybe part of why few people showed up is because they already had plans. When you hear "You have a break this day and this week and..." you usually expect it to be that way. It's kind of sad so few people came, but maybe they would have been taken more seriously if they had a different way of protesting.

I feel bad for them losing their spring break. To me it is funny how students protested by wearing things that you would usally wear on spring break. This seems like a funny protest.

It is a bad thing that they did not get spring break. But it is very good that they instead of being insulted or intimidated they tried to imitate a spring break. It is a good thing that my school still has a spring break.

I would be upset if my Spring Break was taken away. Many kids were disappointed to break from school, especially if they already made plans. I don't think it's unfair of the school to take away vacation days but from a different point of view you need to make the days up.

I agree with you I would hate to have my spring break taken away.Thats when we go on a lot of our yearly trips,and I'm sure some other family's can agree with me on this one.

If my school did this, I wouldn't have cared if there were any girls going. I would have joined the protest. Spring break is a time to take a break from school and go on a vacation or visit family members. At least the protesters were having some type of fun during this, but I would prefer a vacation over staying at school.