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Why did the turtle cross the road?

Why did the turtle cross the road?
Associated Press
Associated Press
A giant tortoise that went missing in northeast Georgia has been found. A motorist spotted the 50-pound animal crossing a road. Zip the tortoise was crossing a country road Thursday afternoon when his slow adventure ended.

Zip the tortoise had made it about a half-mile from its home in Carlton. Zip had forced its way out of a backyard fence Sept. 13. This prompted the owners to begin a search that included hiring a professional tracker and his dogs.

Zip had traveled about a half-mile through the woods from the Fisher’s home and was crossing the road when a motorist spotted the tortoise. It weighs about 50 pounds.

Miranda Mendenhall was traveling when she said she saw a logging truck swerve around something in the roadway.

“From far away, I thought it was a bag of trash in the middle of the road,” she said.

“I was in shock. You don’t usually see a turtle that big, so I called 911.”

Mendenhall said she had not seen the news coverage about Zip, nor had she seen the fliers posted around Carlton offering a reward for Zip’s return.

“I thought it was a wild turtle,” she said.

“I’m absolutely thrilled,” Zip's owner Susan Fisher said about his safe return.

Critical thinking challenge: Why would someone name a turtle “Zip?” Is it because this is a fast turtle?

- Posted on September 22, 2013
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I cant believe zip made it across the road with out even getting hit. Why would large tortoise be a pet. How long did it take for the tortoise to travel a half a mile.

The reason they named the turtle Zip, was not because it is fast. They probably were joking when thry named him that. Because turtles are usually slow.
Evan Kingsbury.

Why would the turtle cross the road anyways. He might get hit by a car or the turtle was hit running away from something or scared of something.

Zips, why would you name a turtle zips? I don't know what the people were thinking about that one cause turtles are so slow just like snails. I would name it slow mo.

how can turtles go pass the road if there so so slow like snails they could kill that poor turtle poor little cute turtle thats so cute.....

I think they named it zip because the owners thought it was fast for a turtle, Maybe? also Zip Could of meant something to the owners thats why

"Some people randomly name their animals. Like my dog`s name is Biscuit. The size shocked me a lot. I could not imagine seeing a tortoise that big."

I would be amazed if i was driving and saw a 50 pound turtle walking across the road. First of all I would hope I wouldn't hit it while I was driving. I would also be in shock because it is very rare to see a 50 pound tortoise in the middle of the road. I am also surprised it did not get hit by the cars that would be driving by.

I think if you have a pet turtle you should really get a better fence so it will not get out in the first place

Thank goodness the tortoise wasn't hit that would've been bad. I'm very glad that Susan got her pet/friend back!! If i ever lost my tortoise i would freak!!