Miss America wannabes show silly shoes by seashore

Miss Indiana Terrin Thomas displays her shoe during the Miss America Shoe Parade at the Atlantic City boardwalk. – AP photos
Miss America wannabes show silly shoes by seashore
Miss America contestants restarted a boardwalk tradition by showing off their shoes.

With the pageant making its return to New Jersey this year, the 53 competitors paraded down the Atlantic City boardwalk Saturday evening to the refrain of "show us your shoes!"

Some contestants sported footwear that reflects their state. Miss Florida's shoes depicted alligators, Miss Indiana's had basketballs and hoops, Miss New Jersey sported sea shells and Miss Arizona's had a cactus.

Others are took a different approach. Miss South Dakota opted for metal-studded black leather boots and Miss Oklahoma donned black and red cowboy boots.

The pageant is back in Atlantic City after six years in Las Vegas. The winner will be crowned during Sunday night's nationally televised broadcast.

Critical thinking challenge: Why did Miss Indiana’s shoes have basketballs and hoops? What should be on the shoes of the contestant from your state?

- Posted on September 15, 2013
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miss indianas shoes had basketballs and hoops because there was going to be an atlantic city boardwalk saturday which meant to be seen for shoes!

She wore those shoes because she was wearing shoes that reflected her state. For my state she would probably wear plain brown cowboy boots.

I think it is fun to have unique shoes in MISS AMERICA other than just based on what you look like I don't really know about pageants but if there based on shoe i am tots in.

In my opinion, I think this is very silly. What does shoes have to do with beauty or becoming Miss America?But the one thing I do like about the shoes is that it says something about where their home is like Miss Arizona has cactus shoes and Miss New Jersey has sea shore designed shoes.

why did miss indiana's shoes have basket balls i have no idea maybe it was because they have such a good basket ball team but personally do not watch sports. If i was where a shoe that showed for my state i think it would have something to do with badgers or root beer. I am not really sure though my state is best known for cheese but i don't know if i would have my shoes look like cheese.

maybe she had basketball hoops on her shoes because that was her theme of the pagent and she didnt want her outfit to be based off of where she was from . And she probably wanted to be different from all the other girls there .

Those basketball shoe's are cool and weird at the same time. Did she come up with those shoe's or what? The shoe's I really like are those snow flake shoe's.

what kind of pageant is that? I think Miss Indiana had basketballs and hoops because that is proprably because they like basketball or they made it up

I think that it is creative that they make shoes out if where they come from. It's cool how they do that, those are a very creative idea.

I think this was a great idea. It would be really fun to where shoes that represents your state. I would love to do that! It would be so much fun!