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Miss America wannabes show silly shoes by seashore

Miss Indiana Terrin Thomas displays her shoe during the Miss America Shoe Parade at the Atlantic City boardwalk. – AP photos
Miss Indiana Terrin Thomas displays her shoe during the Miss America Shoe Parade at the Atlantic City boardwalk. – AP photos
Miss America wannabes show silly shoes by seashore
Associated Press
Associated Press
Miss America contestants restarted a boardwalk tradition by showing off their shoes.

With the pageant making its return to New Jersey this year, the 53 competitors paraded down the Atlantic City boardwalk Saturday evening to the refrain of "show us your shoes!"

Some contestants sported footwear that reflects their state. Miss Florida's shoes depicted alligators, Miss Indiana's had basketballs and hoops, Miss New Jersey sported sea shells and Miss Arizona's had a cactus.

Others are took a different approach. Miss South Dakota opted for metal-studded black leather boots and Miss Oklahoma donned black and red cowboy boots.

The pageant is back in Atlantic City after six years in Las Vegas. The winner will be crowned during Sunday night's nationally televised broadcast.

Critical thinking challenge: Why did Miss Indiana’s shoes have basketballs and hoops? What should be on the shoes of the contestant from your state?

- Posted on September 15, 2013
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To my advantage these shoes are a cute idea but you shouldn't go to overboard with them. A plus to these shoes is that they are cute and a good way to support your country! Something that's not so good about these shoes is the heels. you could really hurt yourself if they are really high heels. lower the inches on them. I find it interesting that you can put some many ideas onto your shoes, you could put anything, you could put your football teams mascot you could put a basket ball or a hoop or even both to show you like basketball. in conclusion these shoes are cute idea but you should loose some inches on the heels, and be creative with what you put on them!

I believe that decorating shoes kind of like the Miss. America wannabes is a cool way to show off the type of person you are. Its a really cool way to show off the inner beauty you have.

I think Miss ny's shoes should have apples on it because Ny is referred to as "The big apple." I like the idea of theming clothing or accessories to represent your state. If clothing or accessories were self designed almost everything would be original and unique. No one would dress exactly the same. Besides, who wouldn't want to be different and stand out?

the top should be red and have the Texas flag on each boot ooh I wish i could wear them they sound amazing and awsome

I think its cute the states have there own little state shoes it also very creative
because not a lot of people can think of there own shoes to cheer of there state.Also,it takes
a lot of time to make those fancy shoes and don't forget i am a little miss America so you better take that wannabe to a GOING TO BE!

I think having those shoes was a great idea because the contestants get to show a little of there on personality and where they came from.

Decorating your shoes are fun even when you are at a basketball game you can show your team spirit. Everyone should decorate their shoes it is fun and exiting to see what everyone did to their shoes.

These shoes are the best thing I have ever seen there so cute those sporty shoes are adorable high heels in sports awesome I love these shoes-fashions greatest style!

I don't know why Miss Indiana's shoes have basketballs and hoops on them. it's probably because her state is known for basketball, but I'm not sure. it's very sporty though. Maybe she just likes basketball. My state is Washington, so there would be a soccer ball or big green plants on the shoe. I say that because lots of teams play soccer in Washington especially the Sounders and the Seattle Seahawks. I really like soccer too.

That is really cool those shoes look really cute an I wouldn't where them but they look good on the wannabes for miss america.Those shoes would be fun to make!!!