New baby panda doing fine

– AP photos
New baby panda doing fine
The National Zoo's giant panda cub has been given a clean bill of health after its first veterinary exam.

Veterinarians performed a 20-minute examination Monday after panda mother Mei Xiang (may SHONG) gave them an opportunity. She put the female cub down and left the den for a short time to eat bamboo and drink water.

The cub, born Aug. 23, is already showing her coloration with black patches around her ears, eyes and back.

Curator Brandie Smith says it's amazing to see how much the cub has grown in less than a month. It now weighs slightly less than two pounds, more than double her weight from a short exam on Aug. 25.

From nose to tail, the cub is 10.6 inches long. Her eyes have not yet opened.

Critical thinking challenge: Why do baby pandas gain so much weight?

- Posted on September 19, 2013
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I think it's interesting how the cub being born, Aug. 23, is already showing her coloration with black patches around her ears, eyes, and back.

I think pandas are so cute. I also think it is amazing that the cub was only 10.6 inches. The reason why think this amazing because pandas get so big.

because they eat bamboo and drink water and they can gain weight less then twenty minutes from eating bamboo and drinking water but i agree on what they said .

This baby panda is adorable! As a lover of animals I am glad he is doing good. I am also glad that there are people checking in on him and making sure he is healthy.

That is the worlds cutttttttiest baby cub in the world. I really wish I had one so bad but I dont so I'll get over it. Its not a big deal.

"I think the panda is very cute. I`m glad she is alright. I think panda`s gain so much weight from all of the food their mother eats while they are not born yet.

I'm so happy for the baby panda! I hope it grows up in a safe place. I love the little spots on its body. Its body is so small but it has big spots.

I am so happy that they have a new panda. It is so cute with its black little spots. I hope soon i can go see this baby panda sometime. I hope she stays healthy and has a wonderful life in the zoo.

The baby panda bear is so tiny. But why are they so tiny when they are born? When they are all grown up they are huge. So why do baby pandas not weigh that much? This one only weigh less then 2 pounds. Is that bad for the pandas health. I hope they name the panda some thing cute like Hope.

I think the baby panda is cute.He or she is very tiny for a panda.Panda's are big animals.Are you looking for a home for him.I would be happy to give him a home.I have lotes of animals at my house that he or she can make friends.I have lotes of dogs a big hog 3 cats.I have a big family .