World's biggest cat weighs almost 1,000 pounds

World's biggest cat weighs almost 1,000 pounds
The new edition of Guinness World Records says the largest cat in the world lives in South Carolina.

The cat is a liger named Hercules weighing 922 pounds and living at the Myrtle Beach Safari wildlife preserve. A liger is a cross between a lion and a tiger.

Hercules is almost 11 feet long and stands about four feet high. He was born among a litter of four in November 2001 and named after the mythological character.

Hercules had a big head when he was born, that he simply grew into with age. If he’s averse to doing something, he simply sits down.

Hercules consumes 20 to 25 pounds of meat daily and has favorite logs he uses to sharpen his claws.

He reacted to the rarity of snowfall in South Carolina by rolling around in the accumulation, enough to make a giant liger snow angel.

Critical thinking challenge: Why does Guinness care about the world's biggest cat — or the the world's biggest anything, for that matter?

- Posted on September 17, 2013
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I think they care because it's interesting to people to see unusual things. Like a liger, or better yet a 1000 pound liger! It's just really interesting to learn about things that are more fun to know about.

That is a very huge cat. 1,000 pounds! Lions are big cats and so are tigers so, I can see how Her got so big. Its funny that she feeds him from a bottle!

Guinness probably loves cats that are big. I love cats but not huge cats that weigh almost 1,000 pounds. My cats weigh almost 10-15 pounds or 20-30 pounds.

I had never heard of a liger but it looks interesting. It is pretty cool seeing what you get when you combine a lion and a tiger. I wonder what they eat and if they are endangered. I would be cool to own a liger but I bet it would be a lot of hard work.

I agree with you. I have never heard of a Liger either. It might be a tiger . The Liger would be hard to take care of.

Hercules is a tiger and a lion mix. It is so big. He has a huge head! I want a pet like that. Hercules weighs 922 lbs.

because the people of the world should now what people are doing or as they say cross breeding and if they do get a certain size

That's a big kitty cat! I saw a big kitty cat I did I did that a big belly on that cat I would love that cat to snuggle with at night as a giant pillow and as a soft blanket.

I like ''big cats". I think that you should care for every animal in the world and not just like one kind of animal. I like how she express her self and what she likes.

WOW that's one FAT KITTY really if it's alive for 2 more years maybe its going to blow up. What meat does it consume every day and can it out run a deer.